How can I study abroad?

Are there easy ways to find schools abroad to study?

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Study abroad is not as difficult as it seems. It entails you having the money to pay for your fees or simply been that intelligent student with a perfect or outstanding grades. Most often than not, people ask me about scholarship because I have been in this study abroad industry for a long time now. I tell them that AMERICA will not give you anything for free. This means its either they want your money or your intelligence.

How can I study Abroad? You must have the following

steps if you want to study abroad

1) Have all your documents ready:

Undergraduate Student

International passport, Bank statement with at least $40,000 on it, Transcript from your secondary school, WAEC OR NECO. Usually this is what I would as from an undergraduate student. ever here are some basic

Masters Students

GRE/GMAT Look here, NOT all masters program requires these exam


2 Letter of Recommendations

2) Look for an affordable university

3) Tell them your academic performance if you can gain a scholarship but most times they will advise you to apply to the university before they will know this details

4) Be prepared to pay the application fee of any university of your choice and it ranges from $20 -$60

If you are planning to study abroad, contact a professional study in America Specialist to help you. whats-app +19402286133 Thank you and hope this helps

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