How education quality and CBT system problems failed JABM exams in Nigeria?

Does Nigeria have low level of education quality? Find out why people fail their JABM and what is to be done about it.

The governor of Ekiadolor, Edo State has demanded to improve qualification of teachers to increase education quality. Such education news is related to the latest JAMB CBT events. Many people were not able to get high scores in their UTME JAMB examinations. They connect this not only with the problems of JAMB computer system and its fail, but also with the low quality of education and low teacher qualification in Nigeria.  

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During the report, Dennis Agbonlahor, professor of the Tayo Akpata University of Education, has declared that higher educational institutions have to undergo testing. Everything NCE teachers should be estimated. The guarantee that they have studied not only at high schools of the country is necessary.

Why people in Nigeria fail JAMB?
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“Quality of teachers is very important. Therefore, each of them must have degree of bachelor of pedagogical sciences. Students have to be in reliable hands. Very often, they don't want to study only because teachers are bad. They have to teach a training material well to inspire the students to learn it. It will provide good results at jumb.

Often low education level is the reason of a big exam failure” – the governor of Oshiomhole says. “Our task consists in reducing NCE. Qualification of teachers is very important to prevent jamb fail. It is worth paying attention to other universities, such as WAEC, NECO and others. Their students perfectly pass state examination. Nevertheless, students from other universities receive unsatisfactory marks. And it is impossible to accuse the educational standard. To our opinion, the entire problem consists in teachers. Most likely, prestigious universities do regular check. It is a step to the successful future of our students” – he adds.

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Main JAMB computer based testing software problems of 2016

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However, low quality of education in Nigerian schools seems to be not the only problem to blame in students failing JAMB in 2016. This year Nigeria was carrying out its UTME exam on computers through its CBT system, like it did in 2013. The reason for this is pretty obvious. The whole world engages more and more in technology and Nigeria is to keep up with it. Still, seems like the system did not work perfectly and had its flaws. Plus, not all the students doing their JAMB on computers new how to handle technology.

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They had to be provided with timely and adequate support and assistance, but not everyone got that and thus people failed their JAMB. It did not happen due to the low level of knowledge, but rather to their computer illiteracy or software errors. Moreover, many CBT facilities for UTME JABM were scrutinized, but did not pass the integrity test.

The February situation with failing JAMB repeated itself in March as during 7-15 of the months people failed exams massively. Some students were not able to receive their JAMB results timely or got two different results. Eventually Lagos had to deal with street protests of students and their parents, who stated that the commission has failed not only their tests, but sabotaged their future.

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ATSO (Association of Tutorial School Operators) took part in the investigation to help the commission and CBT improve the situation and restore justice. They found out that the score situation was caused by a scoring system of the program. Hopefully, the JAMB result issue would be settled. The commission allowed students to check their JAMB status for free for up to 5 times. The exams are not over yet. We hope to see better results the next time.  

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