How fuel scarcity in Nigeria impacted Lagos school?

Wish your kids to get the best education they can? Find out how fuel scarcity has impacted schools in Lagos. Get the latest Lagos news.

In 2016 fuel scarcity has become a huge problem for Nigeria and it has impacted all the residents of the country, even the kids. The last and longest fuel scarcity episode lasted for over a month. People in the largest Nigerian city Lagos had trouble getting around and sending their children to school, so the education process was disrupted. On April 11, 2016 we have some good Lagos news – the schools resume their work!

How fuel scarcity impacted Lagos school?

Fuel scarcity ends and Lagos schools resume their work

Even though people can still feel the impacts of the fuel scarcity, it has become less severe. For a while parents have been looking for the date when schools get back on, as they were worried over their kids missing so much education wise.

Fuel scarcity ends

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Dr. Idiat Adebule, the deputy government has urged the parents of the kids in Lagos state to send them back to schools and inspire to study hard and catch up what was missed due to the fuel scarcity. Of course the academic calendar was distorted and kids need to do their best to catch up.

Lagos schools resume their work

How Federal Government resolved the fuel scarcity problem

Just now FG has started releasing the petrol to IPMAN (Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria. It seems to bet the best solution for the problem, as the Association had over 7000 pending loading tickets on hand. IPMAN has over 80 percent of all the fuel outlets in Nigeria under its control, so if they can get stocked up with petroleum, people would be able to buy and move around freely.

Government resolved the fuel scarcity problem

As you see, this is some good news for Lagos state and for the kids, who can finally go on with their education and lay a firm foundation for their future success. 


Each lack of need to find their positive side, that the children were not like the school, for the rest calmly on these lessons and this crazy load which is now well set in schools. When I when I was in high school, this was one fun, unplanned vacation I was very pleased and was not disturbed, so it seems to me that it does not affect the children's education. And the fact that the country's shortage of fuel, then of course it's bad, but things will get better, and eventually all will be well. So do not be sad.

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