How many countries are in West Africa and their capitals?

It is a question you can commonly find in the JAMB and other types of exams in Nigeria. Find out the exact number.

This could be one of your JAMB questions you need to know the answer to. The truth is that most African countries we know today were form comparably recently. Prior to colonization of Africa much of the land was divided and inhabited by various tribes. Presently West Africa has 16 countries sharing the region. Most of them were formed after the Scramble for Africa and decolonization.

west africa map

 List of all the West Africa countries and their capitals:

  1. Liberia
    This is a unique country, as it was never colonized. Actually it was formed to become a home for black people brought back from the slavery of the Western World. the capital city of Liberia is Monrovia.
    symbol of liberia
  2. Benin
    It used to be French colony, so their main language is French and the capital of Benin is Porto Novo. Yet, the government is located in Cononou, which is the largest city of this sub-Saharan country.
    benin map
  3. Cape Verde
    This country occupies islands in Atlantic Ocean, created by volcanoes. Praia is the local capital there.
    cape verde photo
  4. Burkina Faso
    This country has also been colonized by French and that is their official language there. The capital city is Ooagadougou.
    Burkina Faso
  5. Ghana
    This country can boast to have one of the fastest growing economies not only in the West Africa, but in the whole world. The cap city is Accra.
    ghana flag
  6. Nigeria
    This Giant of Africa has its capital in Abuja, but formerly it was in Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria and in all the Africa.
    nigeria abuja rock
  7. Mali
    This country is also in our list of the sub-Saharan region of West Africa. The capital is located in Bamako.
    mali map
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  8. Gambia
    This country has a very simple lifestyle in it and most people are occupied doing fishing, growing crops and in tourism. Banjul is the capital city there.
    gambia photo
  9. Guinea
    Conakry is the capital city. The official religion is Islam and the language is French.
    guinea symbols
  10. Ivory Coast
    This country has sort of two different capitals. One of them is the largest city, which is Abidjan. It is the economical capital of Cote d’Ivoire. The other one is the political cap city – Yamoussoukro.
    ivory coast emblem
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  11. Mauritania
    This nation is completely Muslim and it is located in the Sahara Desert. It’s capital is Nouachott.
    Mauritania photo
  12. Guinea-Bissau
    This West Africa country stands out of the crowd, because GDP here is the lowest not only in sub-Saharan area, but in the world! The cap city is Bissau.
    Guinea-Bissau map
  13. Niger
    One of the facts you should know about this country is that is has the largest land mass among all the West Africa countries. Its capital is Niamey.
    Niger photos
  14. Senegal
    The main city here is Dakar. In the past it used to be the capital of Maki Federation. Most part of the population of the country speak French
    Senegal monument
  15. Togo
    Lome is the capital city of Togo. This country is rather small by its population compared to others in the region.
    Togo flag
  16. Sierra Leone
    This country can boast of being one of the top ten producers of diamonds in Africa and on the globe. Freetown is its capital.
    Sierra Leone beach

Now you’ve got more information about the area you live in. And you can got correct JAMB answers to pass the test and avoid failing JAMB exam.



Different regions of the African continent over time was influenced by the various colonizers, mastered their language and culture or have developed closed and Autonomous. African countries and their capital cities have a completely different story. Some powers are not so long ago declared its statehood, other known as self-education of hundreds and thousands of years. Capitals of countries located in the region of the Black continent, have a clear imprint of the recent colonial past, the Main languages of the peoples living there are English and French. West Africa covers the area of tropical forest of Guinea, and the plains of the Sudan and the Sahel. In West Africa are States Guinea-Bissau (the capital of Bissau), Cape Verde (capital Praia), Mali (capital Bamako), Niger (capital: Niamey), Senegal (capital: Dakar), and others. Of all the States of West Africa tour the most famous Senegal due to the annual "Rally Paris - Dakar"

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