How many of JAMB UTME candidates will enter Nigerian Universities?

Got your score on JAMB exam? Good, but will you be able to enter a university in Nigeria? Learn how many places are there available.

The educational system of Nigeria has faced a problem. As it has appeared, less than a third of students achieve success in entering university after Jamb exams.

How many of JAMB UTME candidates

National universities have declared that only 400 thousand from 1.5 million entrants acquire the right to study in higher educational institutions.

Prof. Julius Okojie reported it during visit of the governor to Abuja. The man has visited a selection committee. At negotiations, there was a decision adopted to create new state university.

JAMB UTME candidates

Professor considers that new universities are urgently necessary for Nigeria. Otherwise, the country can face big problems. He said that he is glad to emergence of new university. Professor assures citizens that quality of education in it won't be worse, than in other higher educational institutions of the country.

"We know how great is the number of UTME candidates, who annually makes applications. Unfortunately, only a few thousands of students have an opportunity to study at these educational facilities. The new university must and will be available to everyone. It is also interesting that not only inhabitants of Edo, but also students from other regions and the states will be able to study in it" – said the professor.

 Nigerian Universities?

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The new institute became the 41th public educational facility in Nigeria. The main objective of higher education is detection of certain skills of students, training of sane experts who won't be afraid to meet life difficulties. According to professor, they have already thought over the effective program. Students will live in hostels, which are located at the territory of university.

"We hope that it is a reasonable contribution to system of state education" – the governor declared.

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