How to check JAMB admission status

Got through JAMB? Learn how to check your status online or through your mobile phone.

Interested in higher education? Want to receive the result as soon as possible? We'll tell how you can find out all the necessary information and answer how to check my JAMB admission status. Learn the most comfortable ways to get it from our article right now!

How to check jamb admission status

Jamb admission status 2015

For those people, who aren't familiar with term, we will introduce them to the one. Such status usually shows whether you've been offered admission to any type of degree programme in Nigerian Institution of Higher education.

There exist several ways to do it. They are quite simple:

How to check jamb statusSpecial portals. It is appropriate for people, who have Internet access. They may find out necessary data using various jAMB  admission status checkers. Nowadays there're plenty of them. For example, you may try one following the link http://www.jamb.org.ng/postregistrationefacility/CheckAdmissionStatus.aspx?id=A24B71EF-A854-44FD-BACA-109A86F71E31.

Mobile phone. If you have smartphone on Android or Windows, then you can easily try such method as well. It's possible to download particular application from Google Store. It is very easy way. Besides, you may apply it in any place you are. There is no need to wait until you come back home.

These methods are the most popular, as they can save your time and also to help you to know the results immediately.

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How can I check jamb admission status?

 check jamb admission statusAs we have considered the main possible ways, we now can observe the specific steps for each method. Let’s find out how to check this information.

Instructions for online method (as there are many different portals, we will look at just one example, all the rest are very similar):

  1. Turn on your device (computer or laptop) and make sure, you have successful Internet connection.
  2. Go to one of the portals you know. For instance, visit jamb.org.ng.
  3. Click on the link stating Check admission status. On this resource, it is located on left part of webpage.
  4. Type your Registration number in offered space. It's better to prepare such thing beforehand in order to save time.
  5. Click on button Check admission status.
    After this, you'll be able to see everything you require.

Instructions for mobile phone users:

  1. How to check jamb status 1Make certain you have Android or Windows device, properly working.
  2. Go to Google Store/Store on your phone.
  3. Find JAMB Mobile Services e-Facility Application and download it on your device.
  4. Open application after its installation.
  5. Scroll the page down and select the option for Checking Admission Status.
  6. When you see the space, type your Registration Number in it.
  7. Choose the option for your exam. For instance, Unified Tertiary Matriculation.
  8. Scroll to end of the page, then tap the button.

How to check jamb admission status 3After this, you should see your status and get the essential data. Sometimes you may not get an answer or see the words NO Admission Offered. In such cases, all you must do is to wait or to re-check the correctness of the entered number. After some time, you may try again. It will be reflected to you as soon as it's uploaded.

Being smart enough, there's no necessity to visit university. Nowadays we have plenty of opportunities to avoid time wasting. By means of the Internet, you may check your status at any time you want. Besides, it is even possible to do it from any place, using your mobile phone. However, the key thing is that you should remember your registration number. Without it, it'll be impossible to get information. Just follow simple stepwise instructions.

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