How to graduate with top scores from UNILAG? – Tips from the best 5.0 CGPA student

Many people are eager to be outstanding students and get some success during the studies. Are you one of them? Then let’s consider, how you can become one the best students at Unilag. One of the graduated students will share some advice with you today.

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Ayodele Dada

This guy is quite well-known in Nigeria. He has managed to graduate from the University of Lagos with the highest scores (with 5.0 CGPA). He studied at the department of Psychology. And his specialization was Social science. In fact, he worked really hard to reach such success. Dada even had to work to support his living.

top CGPA student

Ayodele came from state of Ekiti. In fact, he has tried many different things before selecting the field of the study. You see, he is a plain guy, like everyone else. And we all want to know, how he managed to become that diligent and successful student.

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Useful tips

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The advice, we are going to share with you, has helped Ayodele Dada a lot. Probably, his tips will be useful for you as well. Let’s observe them:

best unilag student

  • Accept your failures and move on. Lots of unfair things might happen in life. Nevertheless, it is vital not to give up and to try harder.
  • Do everything you can. Even if you cannot get the best result, it is essential to do everything, which is required by the programme or teacher.
  • It is better to never study at night. It should become a kind of your habit. However, you can add particular changes to your schedule, according to the situation.
  • Set up short-term goals. They are much easier to achieve. Besides, you can forget or leave the long-term ones after some time.
  • Build good relations with the lecturers. They might help you or give useful advice.
  • Do not forget about the rest. To be a good student does not mean to forget about parties and events. However, you should remember about the studies. So, keep to some kind of balance.
  • Extra-curricular activities need to be limited. They are not forbidden, of course. But it is better to concentrate on the studies.
  • Helpful hobbies. Consider how you prefer to spend your free time. For example, Ayodele Dada is the one, who like reading. It helped him a lot, as such occupation allows to develop own brain, especially memory and analyzing skills.
  • It is advisable not to be involved in any serious relations. As Dada claims, he has found out that single people are able to get more success in the studies. Nothing disturbs them.

Well, we hope, these tips will help you in achieving your goal. They are really useful for all the students. Remember that everyone has a chance to become prominent at the university. All you need is to work hard.

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