How to increase your IQ – 5 effective steps for Nigerians

Want to be smarter? Learn how to boost your IQ and get the list of 5 top smartest women and men and their IQ scores.

For a long while people tried to measure and improve their level of intellect. Finally, the first IQtest was developed in the beginning of the 20th century. The guy called Alfred Binet (psychologist) was at the bottom of it. He has put together the first ever IQ test. Since that time many more have been introduces and the scientists have found a way to come up with reliable IQ measuring results. If you wish to know how to increase your IQ, read on.

increase your IQ

Here are some metrics and facts on IQ for you:

  • About 68% of all people score around 100 points (+ or – 15 scores)
  • Only less than 1 percent of all population score below 20 or above 200
  • The majority of population (99%) score between sixty and hundred and forty
  • Your head size impacts your IQ
  • If your IQ is over 115 you are fit to handle any job in the world!
  • In the past our grandparents scored 70 (which now indicates mild mental retardation) and it was normal
  • Presently most people score over 80
  • Collage graduates have an average IQ of 122+

How to improve your IQ:

how to boost IQ

  1. Develop growth mindset

    Basically there are two kinds of them: growth and fixed mindset. Here is the catch: a fixed mindset is score oriented. People like that do not believe they can or will grow and surpass their former results. So, they cherish the good scores they get and become afraid to venture outside their comfort zone.

    On the contrary, growth mindset people love challenges. When they get challenged, their brain activates and gets engaged with the problem. While the fixed mindset people turn the brain off and run from complicated tasks. You can develop or stimulate the development of any of them in yourself or in a child. It is done by rewarding yourself for the process and progress instead of being fixed on the results. Surely you will get poor results, if you deal with more complicated tasks. Is that any good reason to shun them?
  2. Develop healthy lifestyle

    Your brain as well as all your body is partially responsible for the IQ level. So, keep it healthy. You need to get enough sleep to do that. Scientists have discovered that during the sleep hours the brain cells get flushed and all the toxins wash away. Sleeping you doing your brain detox. Plus you need to eat healthy and work out much.
  3. Learn new things

    When your brain learns new info, it forms and shapes new synopsis or new connections between its cells. Active learning promotes the connection and activity of the brain. It keeps your brain flexible and healthy at any age. So, keep on learning and growing.
  4. Develop your language skills

    Language is not just a mean for communication. It forms our culture, perceptions and even abilities. It shapes your brain. So, why not start learning a new language? It can help you boost your IQ level, as language introduces you to new ideas and culture.
  5. Push yourself out to break the limits

    We all like to live in our comfort zones. That won’t help you increase the level of intelligence, but venturing out will. Just push yourself in small things first. Try some new food, fin a new path to your home, listen to new music, etc. Then do something big: get a new job, find new friends, and visit a new town or even country.

5 top men with the highest IQ in the world

highest IQ in the world

5. Garry Kasparov

He is 49 and his IQ is 190. He is the famous chess player and has held the position #1 in chess for the longest period of time. Presently he engaged in politics.

4. Rick Rosner

He is 55 and his IQ is 192 (just a little ahead of our next contestant). It took him a long time to graduate from the school. In fact he did it being 26 years of age and his wife was his official guardian. He changed several professions, such as waiter or even strip dancer and presently writes stuff for TV.  

3. Kim Ung-Yong

He is 50 and his IQ is 210. When he turned 4, he begun to study four languages and at 8 he moved to USA to study and work with NASA. Presently he is a teacher in South Korea (where he comes from).

2. Christopher Hirata

He is 30 and his IQ level is 225. This guy loves astrophysics. He has entered a college at the age of 14. Being 13 he won the international competition in physics.

1. Terrence Tao

He is 36 and his IQ is 230. He is at the top of that 0.1% of truly really genius population. Being 24 he has become the full-fledged UCLA professor.  At the age of 2 years old he learned to read and write and do math.

5 top women with the highest IQ in the world

smart women IQ

5. Fabiola Mann

She is just 15 and her IQ is 162. This means she is smarter than Easton (by one of the tests). She plays chess and studies medicine hoping to become a surgeon.

4. Judit Polgar

She is 39 and her IQ is 170. She plays chess and does it extremely well. In fact, she has been celebrated as the best ever female chess player in the entire history.

3. Ruth Lawrence

She is 46 and her IQ is 175. When she turned 4 her IQ was measured and she scored 175 and so remains. She is a mathematician and keeps on working in this area of science. 

2. Marilyn Vos Savant

She is 69 and her IQ is 190. In 1986 her IQ was registered in the Book of Records as the highest in the world back at that time. She is the author of the “Ask Marylyn” online column.

1. Edith Stern

She is 63 and her IQ is 200. She is an inventor with over 120 patents to her name. She is an engineer, too and holds many degrees in various areas of science. Most of them were gotten way before she turned 18.

Now you know how to increase your IQ and who are some of the smartest males and females presently living on this planet. May be you would not be able to beat them or the Einstein, but you can certainly beat your own results and improve them significantly. Just keep on pressing and growing. 


I am totally agree with the previous comment, and I think that it is never late to learn and to develop your knowledge. But, except of all, I believe, that every person, when he borns, obtain a huge intelligent and a huge desire to learn and to study the world surrounding us. And whether such skills and abilities would develop or not, mostly depends of the parents and the surrounding society. If we help our children and support them, they would grow intelligent and we'll educated with a big desire to study during the whole their life.

Answered 2 years ago.

Never too late improve your IQ. Teach yourself read a book. And it should not be just shockers and serious literature, which makes us think and understand something new. If you during the reading occasionally have look in the dictionary, it is good sign! Get started, try read classics, then you yourself determine what you like best. Try as much as possible solve logic problems, tests, raising IQ, crosswords. Your brain must work. If you just can not - do not worry and do not drop class. Keep practicing, you will get good results.

Answered 2 years ago.
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