How to pick the right bra size

Picking the right size of bra is crucial for the health of your breasts. Learn how to do it and get useful tips.

How to pick the right bra size

They say 80 % of all the girls wear the wrong size of bras. Sometimes it feels so hard to find a great bra. However, it is not the issue if you know a few rules. So let’s find out what is your ideal bra size is.

  • Measure your band size in inches. To do so put the measuring tape around your back. Make sure it passes directly under your breasts.
  • Then take another measurement around your back. However, this time, place the measuring tape over the tips of your breast.
  • If you want to know your cup size, just calculate the difference between your measurements of the band and your cup in inches. Each inch means the size, for example, two inches of the difference mean the second size.
  • Don’t forget to use your breasts measurement as a helper in the store, when you are going to buy the next amazing bra.
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Keep in mind that the size of your cups and the band make a special combination. For instance, the cup of a 38B is bigger than a cup of a 36B.

The best thing to do is to try a bra on before buying it. Breasts are unique. And if you and your girlfriend have similar size of bra, it doesn’t mean, both of you will feel comfortable in the same bra model.

How to wear a bra comfortably?

Of course, there are so many different styles of bra, but if we talk about the classic model there are some steps on how to wear this special peace of female clothing.

  • Put the straps of a bra over your shoulders.
  • Then place your breasts into the cups comfortably.
  • Find the hooks of the bra on your back with your fingers and hook it up.
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Vica Versa or the method for complete beginners.

  • Another easier option is to wear bra backward on your stomach first, without putting the straps on.
  • Then hook it up. It is much easier, when you see the hooks.
  • The next step is to place the bra correct, with cups on your breasts, and only then to put the straps on your shoulders.
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A method for girls with large breasts.

If you have a large size of breasts, you can try easy and efficient a stoop, scoop and smooth method.

  • You need to bend over, stoop a bit and kind of scoop your breasts into the cups.
  • Make sure your nipples are in the center of the cups.
  • Smooth with your fingers anything that maybe spill over. Run the fingers along the inside of the top of the bra to place all correct.

Try to avoid any gapped or crushed look, when you wear a bra.



Does it fit right?

How to know if the bra is not too small, too tight or too big for you? You need just your hands to figure out the right fit of it.

  • If you can insert your fist between the clasp and your back, this bra is too big for you.
  • If you are able to put two fingers between your back and a bra clasp  - it's just right.
  • Your breasts should feel comfortable in the bra cups as well.
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Learn a few more tips for the right bra choice.

  • The band of your bra is very important as well. It is where you get the most support for your breasts. A perfect bra can serve for many years, but with time the elastic band can stretch out. To avoid fast stretching you need to start off wearing your new bra with using the last hook. This helps you to compensate stretching by using the next rows of hooks in the future.
  • Make sure your bra band is placed on the same level with your underwire and not higher.
  • What if you have a favorite bra that is so comfortable that you want to wear it every single day? The elastic band can get stretched out completely. Too bad, our favorite clothing wears out if we wear them too often. To avoid fast wearing out you need to change your bras and they will  serve you a longer time.
  • How to wash your bra right? This lingerie is very sensitive, so the best way to make them clean is to hand wash in cold water. Then hang each of them to dry carefully, to avoid any damages. Don’t press them much after the washing. Remember hand washing is much better for a bra than machine washing.
  • If you have no special drawer for your bras, you can hang them on a hanger to save space, to keep their shape and to prevent damage. Another option is to use a wooden hanger and two-inch hooks.  This way each bra gets its personal hanger.
  • The average wearing period of bras is about one year. However, it depends much on such factors as their quality and how often a girl wears them.
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What to do if a bra hurts?

It happens that women can get bruises from a bra's underwire. There is no way to help this situation but to buy a new bra of a different size, model or style.

Amazing bra hacks every girl should know about.

  • You want to wear this stunning cocktail dress, but you need a racerback bra for it. Too bad you  have no such model. No problem. There is an easy way to turn your casual bra into a raserback. Just use a paperclip. Clip both of your straps on your back and no one will guess it!
  • Do you have a strapless bra? Maybe sometimes you do need straps for a firmer hold during hot party. A convertible strap will hold up your bra and make you feel more secure. Just keep one strap hooked in on your back, then bring this strap around your front and hook it into the other side. It's so easy and no unexpected drama at the perfect evening.
  • If you have a large size of boobs, you know how it hurts on your shoulders from straps at the end of the day. Don't worry, it's not a big problem at all. Use silicon shoulder pads to relieve pain caused by bra straps. Just put one gel pad under your bra strap and have no more pain!
  • Girls often use sports bra in a gym. When you finish your workout, take your sport bra with you into a shower and wash it there by hands with your shower gel or just a liquid soap. This trick will help you save your sports bra from fast damaging. Remember, hand washing is much better for a bra than the machine one.
  • You will never guess how to connect the dots between the salad spinner and your bra. However, you can use a salad spinner to dry the bra. Unexpected? But it is so effective and much faster than just to dry it on the air.

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Now you have a lot of information how to pick, wear and take care of your favorite bras. Remember these useful tips and tricks and your breasts will never suffer again.

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