How to stay awake to study?

We all know those long nights before finals; but how to stay awake to study before them? These precious moments of studying can really be a great help to many students. So let’s see how to make it happen!

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Those of who once were or still are students know or remember how it feels when you only have one day left to learn the material that was taught throughout the whole semester. You know that there is no chance for you to sleep as it is the last chance for you to go and study. So you have to stay awake.

There are a few ways for you to stay awake. Some people recommend taking pills to stay awake; other say it is better to avoid any artificial intervention. Nevertheless, we made a list of things that you might find helpful in an attempt to stay awake to study.

The first thing that pops up in your head when you think of staying awake to study is drinking coffee. Sure, caffeine can keep you awake. However, there are two sides of a coin here. Caffeine stimulates your “alertness”, and scientists state that in six hours only half a cup of coffee will be eliminated from your blood. Therefore, coffee will keep you awake longer.

On the other hand, caffeine works in such a way that it disrupts your sleep and makes your heart beat like crazy. Such effect can be of some help to you, but it can also be unhealthy for you, especially if you try to stay awake few nights in a row.

The specialists recommend drinking coffee in the moderate amount to avoid shaky hands and nervousness you do not need at times of exam preparations. Moreover, keep in mind that caffeine can become your addiction, so be wise when drinking coffee.

how to stay awake

You should also know that even if you still consider coffee as your best choice, keep in mind that it is better to drink it in small doses. This way it causes less damage to your health and still is very helpful. The scientists have proven that small doses really are your best choice.

In case to want to stay awake without sleep in any other ways there are plenty of things you can try. Not sleeping at night even without caffeine is possible, but you need to be creative when coming up with ways to do that.

First of all, you can try working with bright light. You probably know that feeling when you cannot sleep in the morning as the sun is shining brightly into your window. It works the same way when you want to stay awake to study at night: bright light will not let you sleep as your brain will consider that it is still daytime and will stay awake. So try studying like this at first or proceed to our next tip!

You can also try chewing gum or candy. It is known that chewing something makes it hard for you to fall asleep as your body is producing saliva and your brain keeps working. So try this thing to stay awake!

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In addition, you can try adding a little more exercise into your time studying. You can try standing or t least working at a desk. Try not to add too much comfort to a sleepless night. It will not work for you if you decide to work on a comfortable sofa with a cup of coffee. This will absolutely put you to sleep.

Even more practical thing to do when trying to stay awake all night is doing exercises in the moments when you most feel like falling asleep. Every time your eyes start closing go try to do a split or at least practice some yoga. This method is known to be 100% efficient and 100% healthy for you. Your body will only benefit every time you feel like sleeping!

While still on the topic, we highly recommend you to study in a cool place. When I say cool, I mean the temperature, not the decoration or stuff. If you get too comfortable, again, it will make you fall asleep. However, being cold, means that this miserable state will keep you awake without caffeine.

Next thing that can be helpful here is eating some healthy snacks like sliced carrots or apples. You will have to chew, and it will keep you awake. And what is more, these snacks will maintain the level of sugar in your blood at a level that will help you stay awake.

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If you don’t feel like eating or drinking coffee, you can try organizing a few friends to study with you. Should you start falling asleep, they will wake you up and make you study. Moreover, just having someone to talk to and be accountable to is a good stimulation of your brain that will help you stay awake to study.

When you feel like your brain really needs some additional stimulation not to fall asleep, try switching to a different topic. Change of focus can help you not to pass out especially when you are reading an extremely boring textbook. If you know you will not be able to get through the next few chapters, just read the first one and change the topic.

Ask your friends to give you a massage. However, not the nice gentle one. Ask them to acupressure you: it is known for its magical powers” to wake people up in the most hopeless situations.

Finally, one of the best things that can be helpful when you want to stay awake throughout the whole night to study is listening to a loud track. You can try some hard rock or metallic tracks, but if you are not a big fan of that noise, listen to something with a good beat in it. Whenever you hear a song you want to dance to, you will be more likely to stay awake even without caffeine or pills.

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As you see, there many healthy ways to stay awake on a big night before exams. They are highly efficient and safe. They are definitely a better choice for you than a bottle of some Red Bull or any other artificial sugary drink.

If you choose to stick to a method that is not healthy, you will probably feel drained, as your body is exhausted with the artificial sources of “alertness.” Be careful when going for them, as though they will keep you awake all night, you might not be able to stay awake in the class.

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In case you feel exhausted anyway and need a piece of advice on how to stay awake in class, you can consider doing the following.

First of all, again, try chewing a piece of gum. Even though it might seem to be impolite, it would be even more impolite if you fall asleep in the middle of a final! So be careful with this tip, but keep it in mind when you are in an urgent need of stimulation!

The next step can sound a bit crazy but to stay awake, you can actually try being interactive. Make sure to ask questions every time you did not understand something or give an answer every time you know it. It will ensure your alertness.

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Try sitting in the first row or as close to the front of the class as possible. This might sound good to you, but believe us, it works! You will hear the teacher better and his voice will not let you sleep. Moreover, you will be more motivated to stay focused during the class.

While still talking about interaction, you can get involved in a conversation with your friend in a classroom. Make sure to choose right timing for a discussion, but whenever there is a chance to discuss the answers of your classmates to the answer of a teacher, do it without hesitation. There might be no other time for you to interact with them.

You can also find sitting with the proactive students helpful. Sit with those who will take part in the classroom discussion to get involved in their debates as well.

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The next tip on how to stay awake in class is by taking very detailed notes. This is beneficial to both your progress in studies and attention level. Pay attention and write down every little detail you consider interesting or useful.

Studying is not always easy and in many cases, you will need superpowers to stay awake at those “interesting” lectures of yours. However, use these tips to stay alive and not fall asleep right in the middle of a class.

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