Importance of education for women in Nigeria – 5 top reasons

Learn about the amazing inventions made by women with education. Get the top facts and reasons to send a girl to school and boost the girl effect.

Why should we even write or read about this topic? For some men the importance of education for women is obvious, for others – ridiculous. For them women in politics or at work is nonsense. Their place is at home doing what men have no desire to do. However, there is a great number of striking facts for all of us to consider, both for men and women. Let’s take a look at them and see if this topic should really be discussed.

education for women

Staggering facts on female education

  • 1 in 7 girls in developing world marries before she turns 15 not being able to finish the school;

  • Most females in such countries (including Nigeria) get overlooked, underfed and undereducated;

  • Girls are being abused, forced into marriage and pregnancy because of the lack of education and ability to make their living;

  • 600 million girls live in developing countries and 150 million of them have no chance to get any education;

  • Only 2 cents of every dollar sent for charity and aid are spent on girls;

  • Women make 10% of the world’s income, but own no more than 1% of property on this planet;

  • 66% of the world’s work and labor is performed by women;

  • In sub-Saharan region only 61% of girls compared to 100% of boys get tertiary education

  • Over 14 million kids annually drop out of school in West Africa and over half of them are girls.  

These facts are bad enough to think of the importance of education for women. Lives and destinies of women all over the world are being broken and trodden on just because they are denied the right to make their own living in a decent manner.

Young girls and women are being forced to marriage and maternity. They are being forced to prostitution and other illegal acts just because they have no voice and no power to take a stand for themselves. These girls remain burdens on their families. They have no way to pursue their dreams or to have a fulfilling and meaningful life.

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What can education do for women?

edcucaton for women 2

  • Girls who finish schools marry 4 years later compared to those, who don’t;

  • They are less likely to die during pregnancy or childbirth;

  • They have fewer kids, but healthier ones;

  • They have higher chances of sending their kids to school;

  • A girl with just one extra year of education can boost her income by 20%;

  • When a women, who can read or write has a baby, its survival chances rise by 50%!

5 top reasons why women should get education:

  1. They have right to it

    right to educationYes, they do! All over the world people fight for their rights. African continent had a fair share of revolutions and riots, where people stood up for what is right and rightfully theirs. Over the last century all the African countries were able to put off the colonization chains and become independent.

    This fight is not done by men alone. In many countries and in Nigeria as well women continue to stand up for their rights. In some tribes or villages girls are not allowed to attend school. In others they may even be prohibited to do so (like it is with Boko Haram). Kids pay with their blood and very lives for the right to get education and better life.

    We all are humans and have equal right to live happily and have fulfillment. That is why girls should have just as much education as the boys do.
  2. They can learn

    right to female education “Stupid girl” – have not you heard such a phrase? There are lots of men who think women are dumber than men. In most cases that is just because they have been denied the right to get education. Women can learn as well as men.

    They can master any science if they get the proper and timely teaching of it.

    So, girls are not stupid and boys are not brighter. In most cases the difference in the development of their intelligence is conditioned by what education kids get.
  3. They have knowledge to share

    Girls have many inner talents, just like the boys. Plus, in most cases women take care of their kids. More educated women have better chances of preserving and developing those young lives. They can pass on their knowledge to their family and share it with the world. Just think of it: the majority of childcarers and teachers are women. That is one of the most important jobs in the world and education can help ladies manage it better.
  4. They have dreams
    education for women
    Just like men women have dreams. They have the need to find their destiny instead of it being installed on them by the society or others. They need to find their unique path in life and be able to pursue those dreams.

    You would be amazed to know how many great inventions in this world were brought by women. Here is a quick list for you:

    car heaters (Margaret Wilcox);
    fire escape (Anna Connelly);
    residential solar heater (Dr. Maria Telkes);
    electric fridge (Florence Parpart);
    radioactive metals (Marie Curie);
    computer algorithm (Ada Lovelace).

    This list could go on and on. Obviously it is not laid out here to make men feel bad. There are many great male scientists in the world with the amazing discoveries. The point is these women would not be able to invent things without proper education and learning! They have enriched our world and made it a better, safer and more comfortable place by using their brain and skills.
  5. They can improve life for everyone
    the girl effect
    The greatest power of female education is the ability to pass it on to their children. The mother of Ada Lovelace (the one who invented the computer algorithm and was very good mathematics) loved science and inspired her girl to go for more and do more.

    Many great men and women admit that their mothers played key part in the path they have chosen in life.

Here is a great video on the importance of education for women. It may inspire you to go to school and keep on learning at any age or to change the destiny of your little girls for better.


Probably only short-sighted or ignorant people will deny the importance of education for women. I'm sometimes even inclined to believe that the education a woman needs even more than the man. Because of the role that it plays in the family, in education. All famous saying that by educating a man, you educate the person, while by educating a woman, educate a nation. The logic being that a woman is more involved in raising children, the future generation, while the male usually creates good conditions for this.

If educating women is educating the whole family, then how can you deny the importance of education for women? Because children it can transmit only what has itself. It's not only the words and instructions, which it teaches them consciously, but her behavior, manner of communication, way of life, complexes, values, etc.

Answered 1 year ago.

Today women try to get the leading role in our society. I think it is because of the past centuries, when women were not treated even as people. It is very sad and it makes women now to try to do all the things which have been forbidden for long years. To my mind, there is no difference between women and men, because we are all the same, we are all the people. But still, there are some particular kinds of work, manage with which can only men or only women. It is genetically in our nature. And concerning the education I consider that in this sphere both genders have the same rights and abilities.

Answered 2 years ago.

I sometimes think, that education should be woman more, than men. In view of role, that it plays in family, in education. Everyone knows saying, that man educating - educating man and woman educating - educating nation. Logic is that women are more involved in educating children, future generation, while men usually creates safe conditions for family. Education is not set of knowledge, this is useful in different situations. With expansion of knowledge is enriched by inner world, learns wisdom, be honest with yourself and others.

Answered 2 years ago.
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