JAMB admission status: why can’t they determine the varsities’ guidelines?

Why JAMB has hard time setting the guidelines for the varsities? Find out now.


This year JAMB has been a disaster. UTME CBT was failed by many jambites due to numerous problems, which occurred during the examinations. Now the students to be are dealing with another trouble. Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has trouble determining the clear guidelines for the varsities.

ASUU claim made about the JAMB

Academic Staff Union of Universities states, that at this point of time JAMB is not capable to set the clear guidelines. It has discredited itself during the exams and now has no power to do it. In the past JAMB coordinated all such activities.

 about the JAMB

However, the Union considers such an approach inefficient. They think each university or institute has the right to decide such matters locally. They know the values and goals of their institution and are capable of making the best decisions there, instead of giving the power over to JAMB.

They believe that currently JAMB does something way outside its power and mandate. Schools have their own high standards and they should not be altered to please some government officials who come and go.

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This method of fighting corruption does not fulfill its goal. It causes more trouble than good. And as we have seen, many people have hard time checking their JAMB results or passing the CBT exams. Hopefully the situation would be resolved to the mutual delight of all the parties involved.

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