JAMB approves 180 as a cut-off mark for universities

How many points should the student get to enter any University in Nigeria? What are the cut-off marks in Uniben and other prestige institutes? Read the article to learn the latest news.

JAMB approves 180 as a cut-off mark for universities

People interested in entering the best universities of Nigeria in 2016 are concerned about question what are final marks of JAMB this year?

JAMB approves 180 as a cut-off mark for universities in 2016?

JAMB and representatives of education in Nigeria have finished their meeting, which lasted long enough. At this meeting they have approved a final assessment, which has to be gathered by persons interested to enter the institutes. Thus, UTME Cut off mark is 180.

JAMB approves 180 as a cut-off mark for universities in 2016

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According to this assessment, all universities and colleges will consider 180 as a suitable mark for reception. During opening speech at meeting, the Minister of Education of Mr. Adamu has told that if there is a confidence in carrying out Jamb, then need for post-UTME won't be.

Such meeting was already held after UTME of 2015. Then heads of Jamb have decided that the total amount of points shouldn't exceed 180. However, such schools as Uniben, Unilag, Uniport, Futminna, NCE, ND, etc. still left the lowest marks of 200 points.


There is still no official confirmation that UTME Cut off mark is 180. Therefore, all people entering the University have to prepare for the worst succession of events. The majority of schools still intend to carry out post-UTME.

The list of marks necessary for entering the institute, most likely still will be regularly updated. You can check your cut-off mark if your desirable university or college isn't in the list posted on the official site of JAMB yet.


Education is now in human life has a very important role, and in order to do that and learn it, you need to score high balls, but of course it is not given to everyone. Now a lot of employers that would want their podchenennye were education and higher education. And it all depends on the education level of life. Of course if you work at a construction site, education and not too will play a role, although now also need education for the builder. I think this article will help many students, they are more attune themselves to the fact that you need to learn and gain high scores.

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