JAMB latest news 2016 – Will Jamb powers be reduced?

Will JAMB continue to have as much power over students and universitie of Nigeria as it does now? Learn the latest JAMB news 2016.

The latest Jamb exams and the whole situation with the CBT in 2016 have messed up many plans of students and has caused much trouble in Lagos and all over Nigeria. People were sure their scores were too low at exams. Others could not get their JAMB results or got the wrong results. Overall, the situation was not a good one in Nigeria and that is one reason for the JAMB latest news now.

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ASUU vs. JAMB – who is to win?

It seems like ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities) has made a request to limit the authority given by the National Assembly to JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board). The basis for such a demand is quite clear. Presently JAMB gets to decide which students enter universities and which ones are left out.

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According to ASUU such a power given to JAMB breaks their rights and autonomy. The president of ASUU Dr. Isa Fagge believes that UTME passed with many problems and the results of it may not be correct. In ASUU they believe that JAMB has to carry out the national exams and then deliver the results to the universities of Nigeria.

Dr. Isa Fagge

And each and every university should have the freedom to pick its own students to be. Mr. Fagge believes that present day power and actions of JAMB are not in line with the National Policy of Education. Only time can tell how this situation would get resolved between the ASUU and JAMB. Follow all the latest Jamb news on our site. 


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