JAMB news: are the scratch cards off in 2017?

The news on JABM 2017 is related to the paid scratch cards. Discover what those are.

jamb 2017

Recently jambites have gone through many troubles. Cotenant changes and upgrades in the JAMB UTME exams have impacted them negatively. For 2017 more changes are coming!

JAMB news 2017:

In the past people could buy scratch cards for exams, but now they are canceled. And this change affects all types of JAMB exams. For now many young students just have learned how to use these cards and they are off!

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board aims to simplify the process of admission for young people. Paid cards added up to the expenses for the jambites. The Board wants to make it more affordable, so they cancel the fees.

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They say that the cost of education should remain affordable even to the poor people to improve their lives in the future. They are trying to eliminate all the building up costs. In the past many banks or resellers would use these cards to make a fortune and resell them with high profits.

If you wish to know all the novelties of JAMB 2017, read their new brochure to stay posted.


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