Jamb UTME 2016 news – Can you check JAMB results for free?

Worried over your JAMB 2016 results? Check them now and get some good news.

If you have already passed your JAMB UTME 2016, it’s time for you to check the results. The rules have changed and it caused some confusion. Many people felt like they have failed their JAMB CBT. Some cases were fixed. Learn more now.


Good news for the jambites

JAMB UTME 2016 cbt

If you have passed your JAMB on 27 and 29 of February, 2016 you get additional 40 marks added to your results. So, no need to get too upset. Go and recheck the results once again. And now you can do it with no fee!

How to check Jamb UTME 2016 results for free

JAMB UTME 2016 results

It used to be something you had to pay for, but now you can get the free results without any card. And you can check them for free up to 5 times! That is even better JAMB news. If however 5 times is not enough for you, get JAMB e-facility card (i.e. buy it) and then keep on checking. But even the paid card allows you to check the results up to 5 times only.

You can buy this card from a bank and do the checking online or through your cell phone by getting an SMS. The exact step by step instruction on how to check your JAMB results whether for free or through a paid card is found here: How to check JAMB admission status

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