Kids arts and crafts: how to develop find motor skills in kids and have fun?

How do you develop the speech of your child? Learn these fine motor skills activities to help you kids grow and succeed in life.

Kids love fun and that’s a fact, but that is also the way they learn things. They master the world and knowledge by playing and having fun. So, this is the best method to teach them and develop new skills. If you wish your child to succeed in life, you should develop one of the essential skills – communication and language. Learn how to do it easily, in an affordable and fun way through kids arts and crafts projects.

Kids arts and crafts

5 ways to develop fine motor skills through arts and crafts projects

Fun for kids comes not only in the form of playing, but also in the form of crafting and creating things. Children just love art projects. At this, they can be used even for early development for babies and toddlers. The trick is that when you develop fine motor skills in small kids (you stimulate their fingers and hands to do something and develop their muscles), you also stimulate their speech development. That is an essential part of early life education.

 how to develop find motor

These 3 projects would help you to find creative and affordable ways to train fine motor skills for toddlers and get your baby to start talking at an early age.

  1. Milk painting
    This is a fun art project for all kids. For one, it is very creative, and it is affordable, whence early development toys can be rather costly. Here is what you need:
    - a plateful of milk
    - a paint brush or sticks for cleaning ears
    - food coloring (or any paint of different colors)
    - dishwash drops
    painting on milk

    Here is what you do. Pour your milk into a flat plate. Use liquid paint of different colors and put few drops of each color here and there around the milk plate. Dip a paint brush or a stick into dishwash. Now let your kid touch the milk and dip the stick with dish drops into it. You will see how paint gets spread on the surface of milk. It creates amazing and colorful patterns. And you child is using his or her hands to do the milk painting and develops fine motor skills.

  2. Playdough
    You can make your own playdough out or salt and flour. You can find the link to the recipe for it down below. Modeling is awesome for baby’s hands. If you make an edible one, you would keep your baby safe while playing with it. It is a great example of fine motor skills development activity. And it is fun.playdough for fine motor skills

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  3. Food painting
    Here is what you do. You get a half of apple or a piece of banana or some other fruit or veggie and dip it into some paint. Then you press it on the paper and get various patterns. Smaller kids and even toddlers can do that and have a lot of fun. While older kids can create various paintings out of these patterns using different colors and shapes.
    painting with food

As you see, there are many fine motor skills activities. They are highly entertaining and you can get your kids busy for quite a while and get some rest time. And they develop their fingers and their speech, too.


The development of motor skills preschool children should occur with well-organized events aimed at activating thinking, memory, initiative, imagination and independence. This builds not only motor skills, but also patriotism, internationalism, collectivism, perseverance, dedication, courage and determination. Motor skills formed in preschool children, are the Foundation for improvement in the future. This allows you to facilitate the process of mastering more complex movements and helps to achieve further high results. Skills gained in childhood, contribute to the improvement of physical qualities and health promotion. This allows you to strengthen the body and to acquire work action. A collective exercise, harmony and cohesion of all actions, expressiveness and beauty of each movement, fluency in all parts of the body and good posture are factors, developing the aesthetic needs of man.

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The article really useful for new parents, for the child's development, it is a very important part of the business. This is very good advice, you will definitely try to be engaged with the child. We with my daughter constantly play different educational games, and they really like it. In fact these games are very helpful in the development of the child, help develop speech and generally very well developed motor skills. Kids love all the bright, unusual and new, and they always need to be sure that that study. Thanks for the article, I will in the future to Use your advice.

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