Most Annoying Thing A Lecturer Ever Did To You ?

Lemme keep the ball rolling**He's my HOD and also a lecturer, that man is just damn wicked**During my first year, when our first semester result was pasted, I went straight to the board and after checking my grades, the not so tall ones who couldn't see the board due to height ish didn't allow me go thereby disturbing me to help them check theirs# Fast-Farward#My HOD came out of his office and saw students clustered around the result board, he went into his office and came back few minutes later. When he came out, he looked at me for a few seconds because I was the centre of the result checking stuff and he said " hey you get out of there! " Inwardly I was like, ahn ahn wetin happen ?, are you drunk? I was just looking at him as if it mistakenly slipped out of his tongue. He repeated the same thing and that was when I knew it wasn't a slip of tongue, he said " you are happy checking your result now abi ?, when second semester result is being pasted you will not be happy with your grades.. Woooooow !I couldn't believe my ears, at that instance, it was as if I should move close to him and squeeze his ears but for where ? Only if I wan re-write JAMB** Needless I say, when second semester was pasted, I dropped 32.5 points****Share yours**

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