NET exam 2016: dates, application and syllabus

Do you know how to pass the quiz, which will help you get more abilities? Read the article and you will learn how to get NET exam 2016 successfully!

NET exam 2016 is the annual general education way to prove your knowledge. It is carried out to reveal potential of participants. It takes place every year and included various objects, beginning from vocal and finishing with technical science. A large number of candidates takes this quiz successfully. NET exam 2016 syllabus helps them to prepare for necessary questions and to answer them in the future. All questions and subjects, which the participant has to know at examination, are listed in it. To receive this certificate, you have to finish it with minimum level of 55%.

NET exam 2016 date

NET exam 2016 date

According to NET exam 2016 notification, UGC NET 2016 exam date is on the 10th of July 2016. The process of documents application will last from April 12 to May 12 on the official site.

NET exam 2016 syllabus

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NET exam 2016 application form

Participants of testing can submit the form online. They have to attach the photo and signature to the form. The application is paid. The monetary fee can also be paid on the website.

CBSE NET 2016 allows you to pass to further step of studying. After successful passing of these tasks, you'll acquire the right on education in postgraduate study. Further, you’ll become the associate professor and you will be able to teach at universities across the country.

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