NYSC allowance: will it be increased?

How much do corpers get and should their allowance be raised? Learn what the new NYSC DG is up to.

National Youth Service Corps is important for many young people in Nigeria. There are many debates as to making NYSC voluntary instead of being compulsory. Such an initiative was offered by the ex NYSC DG Johnson Olawumi. Among the latest NYSC news is the replacement of General Director, which took place in Abuja.

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Outing Brigadier-General Olawumi has passed on his responsibilities to the new DG Sule Kazaure. The former NYSC DG stated that among the top challenges he had was the large and increasing number of corpers and insufficient financing of their allowance as well as of various NYSC activities, festivals, etc.

 How much is NYSC allowance and will it be increased?

NYSC DG Olawumi

Presently NYSC allowance is around N39 000. There are plans to increase it and Mr. Olawumi stated that the new NYSC DG should make it his priority to get better funding of corpers and their personal needs, as well as National Youth Service Corps and all its activities in general.

It is quite possible for us to get NYSC news soon about the raising of corps members allowances. Indeed that would help  the young people in Nigeria to create a better life for themselves and to have a better start in life and in their careers.

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Hopefully, the 17th Director General of NYSC Sule Kazaure would be able to promote such positive changes and make NYSC service more attractive to the youth. Presently over 260 000 young individuals join the corps and do their NYSC service in Nigeria and its communities.

In fact, the new DG promised to do all he can to improve the welfare of corpers and keep all the finances under control to avoid any possible corruption. Share your experience with NYSC or your opinion on the level of NYSC allowance for corpers. 

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