Personal productivity: how to boost it and make more money?

How do you boost your personal productivity to make more money? These 10 tips are the best.

Personal productivity.

Time is a very specific part of our life. We cannot see it, touch or feel in any other way but everyone still believes in its existence. Is it a real thing or just a human way to see the word – does not matter. The most important peculiarity of time is not its entity, but the fact that no one has too much of time. Well, if you have at least enough of it, you are already the winner as you seem to know all about personal productivity and never feel that piercing fear of close deadline. Although this article isn’t for winners. The main theme of it is how to become more productive and sleep more than 5 hours per night. But at first forget about the second point at all.

Personal productivity. Regulate your time properly

1. Sleep, eat, fulfill all the body needs

Physical wants cannot just take a back seat and never show themselves to anyone. If you have not enough sleep and food, you become sad, tired, disoriented, your memory becomes worsens, you start making mistakes. Your employer sees that and they are displeased as they want people in the company work well. And how can you perform your duties well when your body is on its last legs?

Regular rest is also needed for everyone. A human brain can concentrate for some time but after that period your head takes a break without consulting your pleasure. That is why working on a simple project is sometimes so long and painful.


2. Never take too much work

It is better to make one project perfectly than to present ten foozled works that will show you as a bad specialist. Also never take the work of other people (respect the copywritight): they are paid for their duties and you are for yours.

3. Do not give up

Yes, there are specialists that would do this job better. And yes, you may have done some mistakes in the past. But such things should not be recalled and there is no sense to give an eye to somebody’s falls and efforts – although you can memorize some cool things to use them in the future.

 Regulate your time properly

4. Remember the points

It is often said, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”. A good thought, indeed, if it is first a bit changed. “Never put off till tomorrow necessary things you can do today”. Not all things are necessary. Moreover, if unnecessary things are done first, you may have no time to do something you really need.

And if something is urgent it does not mean the thing is vital. At times “fluff” can be urgent and makes you neglect your duties. Therewith let your goals to be lifelike. You are not a superman; excessive quotas will leave you disappointed. When they are adequate, you achieve good results, feel confident and get an additional energy for work.

5. Make general plans

Your work plans have to be general as there is no sense to schedule the work time with a stopwatch. It’s always better to write them down. This frees your mind to get creative and produce amazing ideas for your work.


6. To do is better than to say

Stop holding out promises to other people and yourself. Your words trap you (the Bible says so!). Of course, it is normal if you made some job on Tuesday if deadline is on Wednesday. But if you promised to present the finished project on Monday, people would not like that you lie to them. It is quiet unproductive. So, keep your word no matter what and think twice before you promise anything.

7. Enjoy your work

Anything task can become boring when you do not like the job. An easy way to keep away frustration is to enjoy what you do. Any job can be done well and with enthusiasm. You may browse YouTube to find Farai (Kenyan street hawker) story. This man sell bottled water on the streets, but how he does it is amazing.

It’s not for nothing he was called the best dressed hawker in the world! He sells in a kingly manner! So, if you see that nothing happens, maybe, it is better to look for another job. Just don’t be afraid to change the life. Find your place in life or try to change the one you have now for better!

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Regulate your time

8. Look at the situation

You will not go for a walk, if the rain starts unexpectedly. Stay as flexible with your work plans and decisions as you would be with the weather. That will allow you to avoid problems and go with the times.

9. Grow

Continue studying even when you have a diploma or two. Your personal productivity depends on your knowledge, and much of new information can appear since the time you graduated from the university. Develop your skills, improve your performance. Never stop at learning!


10. Get the handles of time management

The less qualified your work is, the easier it is to manage. However, if you do not plan on doing it till the end of your life, start studying time management now! It’s the skill you would surely need in boosting your productivity. Learn how to focus on things and how to multi task. Develop a system of planning that suits your personality the best. Always leave some spare time. In the case of emergency you can use it up; if nothing of the sort happens, you can spend it on self-development, rest or hobbies.

That is not so difficult to become a productive person, as it may seem at first. It takes time as you need to change some bad habits, although hang on it and the life will become much better. And you start making more money too, as financial success is just an additional benefit of your personal success.

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