Scholarship in Nigeria 2016: how can you study abroad for free?

Do Nigerian students have an opportunity to study abroad for free? Read the article and you’ll learn everything about foreign universities.

Quality of European education for many entrants from Nigeria remains only a dream. There is a popular belief that training in foreign higher education institutions for foreigners costs very much, and Nigerian students refuse perspective education in advance, based on rumors. Actually, free training abroad is a reality for any student. They need to have only desire.

Scholarship in Nigeria 2016

  • The main thing is to choose correct country to study abroad. Perhaps, search of institution, which works according to free scholarships, will be the most important thing. In Europe there are a lot of education institutions of this type. Students can study in UK, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden and Austria. Choosing the countries, don't forget to learn how much money does life abroad costs. In some of them, for example in Sweden, life is quite expensive;

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  • The knowledge of foreign languages will allow participating in bigger number of programs. English skill is an obligatory requirement practically for all programs. Knowledge of any other language will distinguish the candidate from competitors and will allow choosing from bigger list of universities and countries. Usually training at master programs in Europe is held in English, but knowledge of language of the country, to which the candidate is going, gives additional points;

Nigerian students

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  • Most often universities give grants in magistracy and postgraduate study, and less willingly — on training at bachelor degree level. In addition, grants can be received also on short-term research programs, a summer language course, and participation in seminars. Majority of foreign higher education institutions offer students grants for training in magistracy. 

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  • It is possible to find a grant for obtaining bachelor's degree too, but in 90% of cases such grant will cover only a half of study cost in the first year, or will allow an annual discount during the entire period of training. The greatest number of offers is available to those who have master's degree, was engaged in research activity, has achieved certain results and has support of native University;
  • Having decided on basic points, it is possible to start searching of programs and to try on the candidate to each of them, analyzing whether it approaches by criteria, which organizers show to candidates, and on interests of the candidate;

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  • It is also worth paying attention that at some programs, which will organize scholarships, there is one requirement — return of the student to native land after the end of training. Choosing the program, it is worth understanding that on some of them it won't be possible to immigrate to other country.
  • In the future, if you enter the university and you will study well, it is possible to get a special scholarship. In some institutions, they are sufficient to cover many expenses on life. Sometimes, having even entered pay studying, it is quite possible to cover expenses on it.

scholarship in Nigeria

As you understand, scholarship in Nigeria is not the only way to study at University. You can try to enter any foreign institution and do the first step to great career!

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