Seven Nigerian universities collaborate to develop anti-plagiarism software

What is the main advantage of anti-plagiarism software created by Nigerian specialists? How can it help teachers? Read the article to learn the latest news about modern domestic software.

Nigerian universities

Anti-plagiarism software latest news

The University of Ilorin in cooperation with six other Nigerian universities develops the domestic anti plagiarism software created to check possible academic fraud. According to the University news, which is released on Monday, the following universities – Al-Hikmah University, Ota, Delta State University Abraka, Benue State University Makurdi, University of Jos and Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife – will work-out a new system of anti-plagiarism. According to the publication, development of programs was at the request of Association of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities (AVCNU).

The main advantage of system and its main objective as developers of the project consider, is improvement of quality of education and motivation of students to independent writing of texts. For teachers, this project will become an excellent assistant as they can define uniqueness of work of the student with ease, though it isn't so simple to check large volumes of the text. Algorithms of the program are protected from large number of manipulations, which can be made by students for correction of result and increase of uniqueness of texts. In particular, the system is protected from shift of paragraphs and replacement of letters, from shift of words and a regrouping of texts, from replacement of shifts with points, and separate words with their synonyms.

Anti-plagiarism software latest news

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Besides, doing similar manipulations with texts, the student penetrates into task subject rather deeply, and by that, studies a question, performs a peculiar independent work, but not just writes off others thoughts from the Internet. Besides the listed program advantages, there are also difficulties in work with it. First of all, it is a complexity of check of large volume of works, that it is almost always necessary to teachers. Besides, the system not always objectively estimates work. The responsible students, who are honestly doing all tasks by own their efforts, can receive negative assessment of the work after check in online system. Complexity is that quotes or references often are defined as plagiarism in the program. It turns out that uniqueness of the text decreases though actually student has made a task independently and competently. But despite the specified shortcomings, the program is an assistant for teachers and a fine incentive for students to begin to learn and do tasks by their own efforts.

In the publication, it has been told that the domestic software possesses local storage. The director of Computer Services and Information technologies (COMSIT), Management of University of Ilorin has reported about it. He has added that use of local experts to develop the software has helped to reduce cost and to show an ingenuity of Nigerians. He has explained that the software has both local and global storages with features, such as expert assessment, comparison of document and the block of check of grammatical errors. Other important features are language support and verification of the name. The director has told that after operation at several universities, the program will be available to all educational institutions.

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