University of Ibadan: why did it get shut for good?

Why did students of popular Nigerian institute protest? Read the article to learn this fact.

The management of university of Ibadan Nigeria has ordered to close the institution. They asked students to leave the university campus.

university of Ibadan Nigeria

It happened after the recent action organized by Nigerian students. They protested against bad living conditions. They had a low-quality water supply. The protest happened in November of last year. However, the answer from authorities hasn't followed.

Management of the institution has issued the order under which lections will be suspended till summer. They said students to leave a campus until further notice. In their opinion, such situation can badly affect health and wellbeing of students.

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Nigerian students

Crisis has concerned not only Ibadan University. Adekunle Ajasin was also closed because of protest. It was caused by the fact that one of students was hit by motorcycle. Obafemi Awolowo was also discharged by the government because of bad condition of the campus.

The most prestigious institutes in Africa – University of Lagos and University of Port Harcourt have managed to avoid such crises and continue their operation.

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