University of Lagos: why the students protest?

What happened in University of Lagos? Why do students protest? Read the article to learn education news.

Students of Unilag have convinced the management of university to restore students’ union and to cancel requirements of oath. They also demand to postpone dates of examinations a week after the planned term. Students want that the management allocate to them rooms for occupations. They consider that they need to calm down after the latest events.

University of Lagos

We will remind that the authorities of University of Lagos declared closing and have asked all students to leave the campus. It has been made to draw attention of the state to a bad condition of university, such as lack of water supply.

For resumption of work, the university demanded to sign the oath for introduction in secret cults and compensation. However, students have used services of the lawyer and have convinced the management not to force them to do it.

student protests in Nigeria

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'Firstly, it is illegal to ask students and their parents to sign any oath. Cultism is a serious crime. Secondly, they have already paid for accommodation in hostels and aren't obliged to leave them. They are given a right to use these rooms during session. Participants of educational process have also already paid for the right of taking part in examinations and can partake in it without performance of any conditions. On the basis of the constitution of 1999, they can choose association to which they want to belong and support it without intervention of the management' – said the lawyer.

students’ union

In addition, students are afraid that lack of water and light in campuses can lead to emergence of epidemic.

This is not the first wave of student protests in Nigeria. Recently similar situation has happened in Ibadan University. It also was has caused with bad condition of campus. The management of university has ordered to stop occupations. It became a reason of protest wave among students.


I hope that justice will prevail and students can engage again. I do not understand that if the campus lack of water and electricity, as a guide could allow students to learn and settle in the dorms? Everyone has the right to be educated and living in normal conditions. What is happening in the head does not fit, because people have to pay. And about the oath - it is also wrong, especially the fact that it is illegal to aggravate the situation. Why are all brought to the protest, if you can take care of everything from the beginning.

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