WAEC civic education 2016/2017 free possible questions and answers

How to pass WAEC well? Find out now, get the news along with some free possible questions and answers for the exam.

WAEC 2016/2017 is the test created by Examinations Council. Students can pass mathematics, biology, physics, geography, chemistry, drawing, English, literature, art, music, economy, French, mechanic, trade, and accounting.

WAEC civic education 2016/2017

How to pass WAEC?

Successful passing of WAEC civic education 2016/2017 gives to students a chance to enter prestigious university of Africa. This examination consists of 40 questions and essay. To get high score in WAEC civic education exam, use the following tips:

WAEC civic education 2016/2017 wassce

  • Visit the official site of examination daily. It contains all necessary information. For example, you can see training tests, which have been offered to students in last years. Regular practice will help you to find self-confidence.
  • Look for answers to the questions. Check yourself constantly. Pay more attention to difficult subjects. In case when you will have any questions, there are various consultations. You will also be able to gain some skills on them.
  • Constantly compare your results with other participants of testing. You can find a rating on the same official site. If you take rather low position, work more diligent.
  • Install special program. It is imitation of examination in really life. You can choose the necessary subject and feel yourself as on test. The program limits time and checks correctness of answers.
  • You have to read rules before examination. Detailed information about order of carrying out and form of the test is placed in it.

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7 WAEC civic education 2016/2017 questions and answers

waec questions and answers

We have found an example for 7 possible questions on different themes and answers on it.

  • Name the main aims of Economic empowerment
    economic empowerment

    Answer: Economic empowerment helps to expand skills of business. It learns to be active leader and gain safe income.
  • Name the main aims of Social empowerment
    Social empowerment

    Answer: Social empowerment helps youth to find more information about how to find the necessary help. It also helps children get necessary resources on development. In addition, Social incentive seeks to regulate cultural norms of the young population.
  • What is National consciousness?
    National consciousness definition
    Answer: National consciousness is a state at which people understand that they are united. Citizens realize that they divide the general ethnic origin, language and culture.
  • What can you tell about tolerating one another?
    tolerating one another definition
    Answer: The person shouldn't make offensive actions in relation to other resident of the country. Otherwise, the person who doesn't respect freedom of another has to be punished. People have to live in harmony without war and argue with other citizens of the country.
  • What Patriotism of the citizens consists in?
    Patriotism of the citizens
    Answer: patriotism is a devotion and love to the motherland and people. It is readiness for any victims and feats for the sake of homeland interests.
  • Who is Father of Nigerian nationalism?
    Herbert Macaulay nigerian nationalist
    Answer: Herbert Macaulay is considered the father of Nigerian nationalism. He became public figure in 1923. He has founded Nigerian National Democratic Party. It became the first Nigerian political party. He also took fight against attacks of colonial countries of Nigeria.
  • What is showing hospitality?
    showing hospitality
    Answer: Each citizen has to respect the identity of person who has visited his country. He has to treat his culture and national identity faithfully.

Above are approximate questions, which can be seen at examination. As you can observe, generally these tasks concern policy and economy. In addition, it is possible to meet various mathematical, chemical and creative issues. They are available on the Internet. Don't forget about daily preparation and you will achieve success.


Education is now in human life has a very important, because with education easier for people to get a job, just get her increase, and of course earn more money. So you need to staratsya udoskonalyuvati yourself, and do better than it is. It is necessary to pass the exams aspires well, that would go to university, and self-esteem will be higher. You should always aspires to something better, and can never be ostanavlivatsya on the way to his goal. So you need to work on yourself always. Unless of course there is a desire.

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