WAEC time table 2016 - How to pass WAEC civic education WASSCE exam?

Worried about the upcoming WASSCE WAEC exam? Find outbout the time talbe for 2016 and get some tips on how to pass it.

WAEC is one of the oldest and large exams in Nigeria. It was created by WAEC civic education Council. The school student, who gets this certificate, acquires the right to study at university of Africa. Examination is checked by very strict world-class commission. Money was invested for this purpose. Organizers are sure that each student receives a deserved assessment.

WAEC time table 2016

Examination exists about 60 years. During this time the team of experts constantly develops. The process is carried out several times a year in each African English-speaking state. In Nigeria, students have an opportunity to pass the test in May/June and November/December.

Of course, each student dreams to pass this examination and to get high marks. However, special preparation for this purpose is required. First of all, it is necessary to get acquainted with order of examination’ carrying out. Let's learn about WASSCE 2016 rules and secrets of success.


How to pass WAEC?

Objects, which each student can try to pass are the following: mathematics, biology, physics, geography, chemistry, drawing, English, literature, art, music, economy, French, mechanic, trade, and accounting. Before examination, you should learn the following rules:

 WAEC 2016?

  • Test passing is paid. If you decided to refuse examination, you won't be able to return money.
  • You have to send the fingerprints for registration.
  • It is necessary to attach the photo in high quality to WAEC application form. The application with bad quality of the photo is rejected.
  • Don't forget to study rules on official website.
  • The registration form paid on the website can be sent from any point of the world.
  • All students have to keep up a dress code. They have to dress on a uniform without long sleeves. Other form won't be tolerated and participant will be discharged of examination.
  • Smoking and use of mobile phones are forbidden.
    pass WAEC

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WAEC civic education scheme is the following:

WAEC time table

  • Duration of each exam varies from 1 to 6 hours (for art tests).
  • There are two forms of the answer. The first is intended for test part, and the second – for the essay.
  • You can get 40 points for the first part and 60 points for the second one.
  • The essay consists of A, B and C themes. The student should choose at least one of them and answer three questions, which are applied to it.
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So, how to get A+ for the test? At first, you should remember that there are no WAEC answers. You need to rely only on your own powers. To pass the test surely, you need to be guided by the following rules:

How to pass WAEC civil education

  • Before going for examination, you have a lot of time and opportunities to prepare for it. On the websites devoted to the test there is a set of questions and tasks of last years. They are replenished daily. Therefore, be sure that you have training material. Practice as much as possible and you will achieve success.
  • After you do the training test, you can check your knowledge by means of answers, which are also offered on the website. In addition, there are consultations, which will reveal your widespread mistakes and help to prepare effectively.
  • Download the software, which will help you to plunge into the atmosphere of examination. The program distributes test time, as in real life. You will be able to feel yourself as at examination.
  • You should learn your rivals' results to aspire to the best. You can find a rating, in which you will see your position.
  • Examination shouldn't frighten you. Remember that if you prepare well, it will be quite easy to give answer on the offered questions. If you have a good Internet, you can download the program on computer or even smartphone.
  • It’s necessary to do 50 percent of tasks correct for successful passing.

WAEC time table 2016


In 2016, students have to pass the test in May, June, November and December. Now the dates of May examinations are known. These are: 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. Follow the news to learn further dates for other months.


Education now occupies a very large and important role in everyone's life, and exams is the most important event of all. To pass it well it is not given to everyone, and not everyone has the desire to learn in the university. But now more Legshei educate people to find work, and generally settle in your life, because all the employees themselves want to have a good and well-educated employees. So you need a good tends to pass the exam and go to Africa University. We follow the news, how to show themselves on the exam students.

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