What are living conditions in NYSC camps?

What are living conditions in NYSC camps? What do students say about the corps? What secrets do they hide? Find out now and learn what to expect and things to enjoy in the camps!

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Following the ending of NYSC 2016, National Youth Service Corps, camps we gathered the knowledge, during the orientation, about the sad live state of camps, particularly of short duration camps, and the incline bread rations in both of short duration and abiding camps. These camps fill up the wants of (at each orientation) about 2,500 to 3,000 graduated students.

The short-lived camps refer to different secondary educational institutions that are used by NYSC as camps in the non-attendance of an NYSC- owned mix of orientation purposes. When orientation is to hold, the pupils of the gymnasiums and different boarding schools leave the premises and squat in the nearest scholastic institution. Well, this in itself is a problematical practice, because all sorts of troubles can happen to the pupils during this difficult migration and squatting time, so everyone tries to delay it for some time.

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You may wonder; NYSC was already established in 1973. So how long should it take to make stable or steadfast fixed sites in all 36 states of Nigeria? A corps participant, Ijeoma Philip, who is now on camp in Anambra State, shared her actual observation and personal experience in one of the short-lived camps. ‘Well, Anambra doesn’t have any fixed site yet. They use proceeding secondary gymnasium in Umuinya-Oyi, LGA.

Agreement with the schools

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 The gymnasium isn’t on holiday. We heard from students that when there i an orientation, NYSC which has some agreement with the gymnasium, moves the members to a cath. gymnasium nearby. The terms aren’t so bad there, it’s just a substance of disposal.

Grievous conditions

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An ex corps pupil, Titi Bada, charactarized her crucible in such a way; ‘In 2013 I had to serve in Sokoto. The terms there were terrible. They did not have any NYSC camp there, so they used Farfaru, Government Technical College. When I first came there, I ardently argued with my comrade corps members that this gymnasium was not peopled with any pupils before we got there. I tell my story based on the terms we have met there’.

Fixed camps members have another fair story to tell. Taiye Odunuga, a NYSC Batch A student, which is currently in the orientation camp in Osun state, tells us, that the life in camp is normal, accept the extremely long queue at the any tap for water. ‘I would rate this hostel as medium. The only point, which must be solved or settled, is the long queue for water. That is caused by very poor water fill up and low work amplitude of water tank’.

The standard of hostels

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The housing here is one of the best in Nigeria. The dwelling meets the typical hostels standard in our federal universities. The rooms are huge, well ventilated with a standby generator. Nonetheless, for security reasons, in order to avoid fire outbreaks, they got rid of all the sockets in our rooms. Well, you know boys in this age. This camp is considered to be the best in all Nigerian western states.


nysc members

Okolo continued his story: ‘The food is better than average, there are three full meals but the portions are small. They say we get N500 on each corps member daily (on food). So, if to divide N500 by three meals, that’s about N167 per meal, than you can imagine what kind of meal you can get. We think the quality is very paltry and the amount too’.

So the Federal Authorities gives students N500 on food every day. But you know the cost of living in Nigeria nowadays. There was no increasing in their feeding permit. They get a chicken and an egg, then what else do they want indeed? ‘

There are still a lot of problem in NYSC camps that must be solved. One of them is clinics: the students, who are sick, must be treated correctly and be given the proper, needed drugs.




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