What are the most beautiful schools?

Why the school building should be beautiful? Do you remember when you were child,while you were going to school and observing this ugly square building? And each day you though: "I hope that this building will collapse”. And that’s why we need beautiful schools.It will help the children to escape depressing thought.

Here we present you the list of the most popular and beautiful schools.


  • Ørestad High School (Copenhagen, Denmark)    

This is amazing, modern, stylish, full free and in some ways usual school — in the sense of general education. In order to get into this school, you don't need to be a genius or very rich. You can be a usual child and study at this school, the shutters of which like sunflowers moving with the sun, so the room is always light. And there are more glass than blank walls, so children don’t have feeling, that they are locked in the building against their volition. Except for usual classrooms, there are  a lot of places in school, where you can lie on the pillows with a laptop or book. The main goal is: the child should feels comfortable, then he will spend more time in school. 

  • Rafael Arozarena High School (Spain, La Orotava) 

The design of this school is very powerful and very urban. If this school situates somewhere in the  center of the busy city, you could say that it is interesting and good, and then you will forgot about it. But there are some interesting details. This is free general education school for children of farmers. Most of this students are from peasant families. Many parents have incomplete secondary education and unfortunatelly no higher education they have. The aim of the school is to show the children that the circumstances in which you were born, absolutely should not become an obstacle to achieve the tasks set before you. And if you live in a farming village and your parents are farmers, it doesn't mean that you don’t have another destiny. There are completely different lifes in the world and you can choose  who you want to become: a farmer or a physicist. 

  • Modern High School (USA, Los Angeles) 

This school pursues the same task as the Spanish previous one. The school is located in one of the most disadvantaged areas of this prosperous city. The most of the students are children of the first generation immigrants from Mexico. This school tries to show, that life in ghetto does not obligate you to stay in ghetto. 

  • Galjoen School (The Hague, Netherlands) 

The school was built of the two old buildings of the pumping station. The architects connected them in the form of a crocodile, which, in their opinion, should appeal to children. The main requirement was safety, because the school is situated in a dangerous district. That’s why it is important to create a place where children will be able to play and study away from dangerous elements. The other requirement was to get rid of rectangular classes, because it is unbearably boring. 

  • Marcel Sembat High School (Sotteville-lès-Rouen France) 

This is one of the greenest school in the world. Despite the fact that schoolis  situated in the city, surrounded by uninteresting buildings, school tries to use each meter to create beautiful lawn. The grass covers not only the roof but all patios too. The main idea is: children should  spend time on fresh air. 
The permament seating in the class harms not only the health of your children but their worldview. When the weather is fine, lessons are on the lawn. 
So you can see, that thanks of original design, the learning process can be interesting. Children can concentrate and spend more time in school.

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