What are the most difficult courses to study in Nigerian universities?

Why it is difficult to study at architecture courses? Why do many students leave doctor faculty on the first course? Read the information about the most difficult professions you can choose!

the most difficult courses

In large university course rankings, it’s difficult to choose what you really want. Some people prefer to study at easy direction, but someone wants to learn difficult, but prestigious subjects. Especially for you we publish top 5 university course catalog of the hardest courses.

University courses list – the most difficult directions

1. Doctor

Many people dream to be doctors, but it is suitable not for everyone. The image of the doctor created by mass media is very far from the present. Actually, this profession is almost deprived of romanticism. It is the hard daily work exhausting morally and sometimes not bringing material satisfaction. Besides high lowest passing scores for examinations, students of Nigerian universities should pass a number of difficulties during study in university courses.

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Also students face with intolerance of corpses. The matter is that theoretical occupations at medical university are combined with practical all the time. And practically the first subject with which future doctor gets acquainted is human anatomy. Therefore, the morgue is obligatory for visit by each student. It needs not just to be visited, but to work actively — to prepare corpses, to sketch the course of nerves and an arrangement of muscles – that is to touch and cut corpses (many dozens of hours). Not many people can even read about it without disgust and when business reaches real visit, some understand that they can't do it.

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2. Biochemistry

Activity of biochemist is a difficult work where knowledge of microorganisms, botany and physiology of plants, medical and physiological chemistry are necessary. Experts in the field of biochemistry research questions of theoretical and applied biology, medicine. However, results of their work are important in the sphere of technical, industrial biology and genetics. Work of biochemists is applied in educational institutions, medical centers, and also at the enterprises of biological production.

University courses list – the most difficult directions

3. Architecture

To be an architect means to be an owner of good and prestigious profession, which is well paid. But whether it means that this profession will surely open a way to success? Most likely, no. To be successful in this case, it is necessary not just to be the ordinary architect, but better than others. It is necessary to begin with study, and study for the architect is a hard task, and not everyone can cope with it.

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Study for architect demands existence of skills of drawing. Without ability to draw, you most likely won't pass examination. It is possible to go to special courses to gain necessary skills of drawing. But drawing is not the only difficulty, which you can face during study at university. You also should have faultless spatial thinking, solve mathematical problems and spend the whole days making plan drawings, which is pretty boring.

4. Pharmacy

It is possible to draw a conclusion that it is difficult to study as druggist as this specialty traces its roots back to extreme antiquity. Drugs have appeared still before people have learned to read and write down their thoughts, supervision, and recipes. Further, with development of science and equipment, it is hard to study as druggist even more than earlier – mass production of medicines has appeared. Now difficulties of studying this profession are clear – there are various openings constantly, searches of new medicines for fight against a serious illness. Thanks to pharmacists and druggists, many problems are already solved, but many still should be solved.

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Is it difficult to study on pharmacy or not is not a simple question. Everything depends on initial training of the student. To pass examinations and to enter the university is not the most difficult business. The question is not to be disappointed in the chosen specialty and to pass all tests with advantage.

Considering that it is about drugs and technologies of their production, there has to be a good base in chemistry and biology. If it is absent, it won't be hard to study as druggist as you simply won't enter.

5. Engineering

Profession of engineer is universal. Representatives of this profession participate in production of material benefits in all branches of a national economy — from production of household goods to space rockets. Basic engineering education and experience allow to be guided in constantly renewed world of equipment. The profession is widely demanded in the hi-tech world. However, being trained on this course at university, don't forget to buy the huge calculator and to stock up with patience as the specialty demands big efforts.

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