What are the qualities of a good teacher? – 10 top for Nigeria

A good teacher has the power to change person's life for better. Thier impact can last a life time. Learn about the top qualities of a brilliant educator.

Teachers play essential part in people’s lives. They are often times underestimated and unappreciated. Still, they can make a difference between success and failure of their students. So, what are the qualities of a good teacher and how should they be measured?

qualities of a good teacher

10 qualities of a good teacher:

  1. love for studentsLove for the students
    Who is a good teacher? Maybe it’s the one, who loves their subject or has passion about teaching? Those things are great, but they are not essential. The main quality of such a person is their love for students. Educators have to be the “people” people. It means they should love people, be fascinated with people and engaged with them. Having great social skills is not enough.

    The scientists have figured out that students (especially kids) can feel and recognize if a teacher likes or loves them. They can learn from those having positive attitude towards them, but they shut up and quit learning in a negative environment. So, the main asset of a good trainer is not their classroom or technical gadgets, or degrees, but it’s the hearts open to their apprentices.
  2. Personality
    The next characteristic of a good teacher is their personality. Have you ever heard kids say: “I hate the subject, but I love the teacher? That is why I learn it and get good grades. I do not wish to disappoint my coach.” Sparkling and well-developed personality stimulates the same qualities in students and vice versa, a boring and unhappy instructor makes their students unhappy.
  3. who is a good teacherCreativity
    Teaching can become kind of monotonous, if you go over and over the same things in your curriculum.

    Creativity allows a teacher to find new interesting aspects in what they teach and it allows them to stay interested in the subject.
  4. Flexibility
    There is no perfect teaching approach good for all children or adults, no one cure for all. A good teacher has to be able to change approach and find new ones to use with different students. They should be willing to alter plans and find creative ways to attain their goals.
  5. Goal setting
    Some teachers believe their goal is to teach their students and pass on the information they possess. This is a good tutor mentality, although great teachers know that their goal is to spark up their students and make them want to learn on their own. When kids get interested in something, they find ways to get information. Great educators teach others how to learn on their own and inspire them to make new discoveries and ways suitable for them.
  6. good teacher qualitiesWitty
    A good teacher should be smart and funny. Sense of humor is one of the must-haves in this profession. It is the ability to see positive and good things in all situations. It works like magic when teaching.
  7. Respectful
    The students have value on their own and their opinions can add up value to the class. Teachers should not view themselves as the ultimate knowledge source. They can learn from their pupils. Good trainers know that sometimes students give them most valuable lessons in life. Respecting their opinions is crucial for great education.
  8. Aspiring and expectant
    If you expect nothing good froms people, they would not disappoint you. Instead great educators set high aspirations and expect much from their pupils. This stimulates them to be more and to do more.
  9. Managing
    Classroom management is a serious thing to do. Tutors need to know how to plan time and other things to succeed and set example for the pupils both in their personal and professional life.
  10. teacher team workTeam building
    Class is a small community. Students spend hours together. If a teacher is able to build up that community, s/he can resolve or prevent conflicts and create better educational environment. Mostly tutors set the atmosphere in the class.

Now we know some of the characteristics of the best professionals in education. How about getting some names and stories of real people?

Recently Varkey Foundation has established a new prize. It is called the Global Teacher Prize. They want it to become something like the Nobel Prize, but for the teachers. This way both teachers and students can aspire to become the best of the best and win it.

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What are the qualities of a good teacher? – 5 best teachers in the world

  • Ms Atwell
    Ms Atwell best teacherShe was the first one to win this prize and she got the award of 1 million dollars for the first place. This lady runs a private school in Maine and educates other educators.

    Her school is “experimental”. It has no standard classes, tables and seats. Kids can pick their activities and use any tools or materials they want for their learning. They do not pass tests, as teachers evaluate their results differently. She welcomes other teachers from all over USA and introduces new techniques and methods to them.
  • Aristotle
    aristetle best teacherHe was born a LOOONG time ago – 384 B.C. Still he believed that adults have to not only give kids life, but provide them with the art of living.

    He was one of the great educators of his epoch and his legacy is used in many educational systems till this day. 
  • Maria Montessori
    maria montessori teacherShe lived in Italy and was born in 1907. She taught mentally retired and uneducated children and attainted amazing results.

    She created a new approach to teaching and the environment used in it. Presently, there are thousands of Montessori schools all over the world as well as in Nigeria.
  • Clive Staples Lewis
    You may have red his books about Narnia or watched the movies. He has written many other great books, too.

    He was a teacher, a professor at Oxford and he has left an amazing legacy for us to share.
  •  anna sullivan blind teacherJohanna Sullivan 
    She had poor sight, but she managed to teach other people with great skill and awesome results.

    Online you may find a biographic movie about her life. Indeed it wa fascinating.

Top effects of a good teacher:

  • Change a life
    Touching a child’s life has the power of transforming it. Great teacher can plant the seeds of aspiration, noble goals and dreams in the hearts of the students.
  • best teacher quotesBecome a role model
    Children need great role models. They spend hours with their tutors, who can set the bar and show the way to greatness or… misery.
  • Give life lessons
    Math or grammar are excellent, but they are nothing compared to the real life lessons. A trainer who shares their joy or pain with the pupils gives them a treasure and ability to cope with life.
  • Joy
    Learning can become a delight, if you have a good teacher. Educators are capable of building happy communities and enjoyable process of education and learning.
  • qualities of best teacherBecoming a hero
    A hero is not necessarily someone, who saves you from fire or wild beasts. At times we need to be rescued from loneliness and misery.

    Sharing such experiences and helping kids to go through them can be tough and it makes a teacher their friend and hero.
  • Building up the future
    Education can make or break someone’s life. It can determine the path for the future. If a child learns and loves to learn, they have higher chances of doing much good in life and becoming somebody. Teacher can open up that door to a great future for their students.

Hopefully, this would motivate you to become a better teacher or to find one and build up your life as a student. Once you do, appreciate them and show them respect for the good work they do for others.

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Qualities, that the teacher remembered forever in a positive sense?... This must be the PERSON in the first place... which has the concepts of conscience, honor, dignity, respect, culture of communication... it should be a teacher from God, the loving subject taught; a man of wide soul, capable of becoming for each student but (even better without any little if not) a member of the family.

I probably got lucky... don't know... but the teachers, whom I am sincerely grateful and which I will remember as long as I have memory at all, always with warmth in the soul (and some of them are dead now=() 85 percent of the total number... including school, University, Institute and other educational institutions.

Nasty memories was awarded the order of 2 percent of the total number.. .

Other people can be good, but as teachers blatantly failed... and the use of them was no, and harm.

Answered 2 years ago.

The first, good teacher must do their own job well. It definitely! The children immediately see a good teacher or a bad one. If their classroom is interesting, and also very comfortable, it is of course a good teacher. If their pupils will remember them in many years and thank her teacher for the knowledge that he or she has given.

we may say it very nice. There are many interesting sides of this article. I have remembered about my last days which I have spent full my time in the school. Our teachers were as Ms Atwell and as Maria Montessori, who were written in the article.

Answered 2 years ago.

From personal work I want to say that the sense of humor for teacher is a really significant for the kids nowadays, but it should be in moderation without converting the lesson into a circus. This quality can be mitigated a conflict situation or can be removed it at all.

The teacher should keep up with the times and a little more to understand children and specially teenagers. So he may have general topics to talk with students, surprise them. Accordingly the teacher can understand their inner world and interests more and then to turn this knowledge in his teaching.

Answered 2 years ago.

The teacher is a teacher calling dushi.Naykraschyy that accorded fully their profession. He must constantly work hard, be a good psyholohom.Vchytel must have great patience, sense of humor and be able to present the material available.There should encourage students to study a particular material, make the lesson interesting. Find a special approach to each child. The teacher must love his subject, and love students.

Answered 2 years ago.

There isn't teachers division into good or not so good. The majority of them are helpful, kind-hearted and responsive, but the pupils have lack of knowledge in a particular subject. Being the teacher of English I know that some of my colleagues aren't professional enough to provide deeper knowledge. There are cases when students learn the subject because of a prominent teacher’s personality, but mostly it means nothing. Making the subject interesting is difficult but only motivated pupils like studying. I suppose that the best teachers are those, who have a plenty of ideas for making their lessons exciting.

Answered 2 years ago.

Ideal teacher should firstly perfectly know psychology, possess excellent teaching technologies. Interested in all new scientific developments and theories and know their own thing. School teacher, in my opinion, needs know subject of minimum level of higher education programs. And ideally - have their own scientific work. And he must have nerves of steel, perfect family and decent salary. What would all this provides incentives for productive work.

Practical psychology - that's main thing for any teacher that would not turn his life into nightmare. And that he could effectively teach others.

Answered 2 years ago.

I , as an English teacher can say, that this profession also demands a big and endless love and patience to our pupils. It is rather important to refer to all the pupils in the same way, although some of them may not like you as a teacher. You have to refer to all of the children as they are equal to you and to each other. Very important thing is to gain their trust, respect and love, and only in this case they can except the idea and material what you give them.

Answered 2 years ago.

Those who were gifted with these listed qualities are honored. I believe certain people simply were born with charismatic vibe of a teacher. Deftly coping obstacles encountered during school season shows their maturity with high level of their education because it need a right approach to kids in times when they become effortless or not acting appropriately. Those listed qualities mastered by years of study and being gifted has it's own thing as well. The ability sharing the gained experience, and teach lessons to children is truly a great responsibility.

Answered 2 years ago.

Being a good teacher means to be not only responsible for the quality of education and knowledge, but to be moral as well. A good teacher not only shares his wisdom, but gives pupils a chans to get involved in social life and behave. To be tolerant, some kind strict and enthusiastic is a eacher's must. The first 'must have' for the teacher is also to give pupils the feeling of belonging and share tolerance to the world. Should every teacher be well educated? - Yes! But it should be much more than a knowledge, it should be a strong urge to change the world.

Answered 2 years ago.

Quality teacher should be: kind, polite, fair, responsible, intelligent, patient, brave, caring, considerate, nice.

Answered 2 years ago.
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