What is education?

Education has the real power of transforming your life and changing it for better. It is one of the most powerful tools available to you to use it for success and greatness.

Education is an essential part of any community, because this process promotes getting knowledge and developing skills by people. Education also means getting a degree or some level of schooling by a person.

Many of us think of education as of some out of home activity, where you enroll into a school and get trained by teachers and mentors. However, this perception of studies is much outdated. So, what is true education and what education means for Nigeria and Nigerians?

what is education

Purpose of education: 

purpose of educationSome people are after diploma or a degree. However, that is not a true purpose of education. It is meant not only to equip a person to be able to get a job and earn some money. Education has to crafts intelligence in people. It installs new ideas and ideals, set news aspirations and uncovers new horizons.

It has the power of transforming lives. Even today there is such a thing called "Girl effect". Providing good education to little girls brings transformation and empowers the entire community and country. Bill Gates' foundation has done a research, which shows that providing better teachers and education alone to people in America could in just four years lead to rapid economic boom! So, the real goal of it is to help people develop to their fullest potential and become better versions of themselves. 

What is education - facts for Nigeria:

education in nigeria- Little over 60 percent of Nigerians (the adults) can write and read. This data is true for 2014. 

- Traditionally in this country more education is gotten by males (72 percent of them gain the above stated skills)

- Only little more than half of the adult women can read and write, and over the years the number grows slowely.

- In some states over 20 percent of all schools were destroyed in the course of military and religious conflicts. 

- Only 2 percent of adult married girls have the chance to finish up the school. 

The importance of training  

It is not about how many years of schooling one gets. BTW, in Nigeria an average number of schooling years people get is 9. Here are some of the synonyms that equip you with more understanding on what education is:

Rearing, training, guidance, culture, science, direction, erudition, preparation, etc.

 All these words help us understand that teaching is not just about getting some knowledge on the world around us or mastering some skills. It assists people to get a direction in life, to set goals, to get prepared for life and to win. So, what is education? – it is what paves your way to success and helps you make your life more fulfilling.

The types of education

  • Preschool
    preschool education in NIgeria
    In Nigeria this type of training can start when kids turn 3 years old. It is not a compulsory type of training program, so most kids just skip it.

There are two mandatory types of education in Nigeria:

  • Elementary education
    Primary schooling starts, when kids turn 6 and lasts for 6 more years. At this stage of life some kids can be enrolled into a boarding school to get their training.
  • Secondary education
    This program lasts for 3 more years. Most kids leave school when they turn 15-16 years of age. That is when their compulsory education ends.

The rest of them are up to you:

  • Higher education

    In average people take 4 years to get their first University diploma and degree in Nigeria. This type of education is not accessible for all, who wish to get it. What is more, Nigeria being one of the most populated countries of the Western African region has only 117 Universities in it. One third of them are private schools, and the rest belongs to the state or are under federal supervision. The number of tertiary educational institutions is not sufficient as in average there are up to 15 applicants for each of the available places in the Universities. Still, higher education opens up more opportunities for people in their careers.
  • Self-education

    types of educationThe importance of self-education is often times under-evaluated. However, this type of education can the top aspects affecting your life.

    Presently, the development of mobile technologies and Internet open up tons of opportunities for people to grow and engage in self-development.

    You can read books, get access to various scientific information and studies; you can find everything you needed for growing and training yourself in the chosen field to build up your career and working skills, as well as your personality.

    Of course, self-education requires patience, discipline and persistence, but it provides you with the information and skills you need without having to cover high tuition fees of private universities or having to quit your job and engage in the full time studies.
  • Continuous education

    Actually, this is the form of training required by the modern world. Scientists keep on discovering new things ; new technologies and ideas come on scene. Presently, people cannot afford to go to school, get an employment and spend all their lives working without upgrading their knowledge or skills.

    The world changes fast and ongoing education is the only solution to make you keep up with its pace of progress. In the past illiterate people were the ones, who could not read or write, but presently illiterate people are the ones, who fail to keep up training year after year.

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  • Trainings

    At times you may need to gain certain skills to boost your work productivity or to develop your business. That is where trainings fit in. They can be short (3-5 days) or more lengthy ones (up to 3 months). As a rule, this type of education focuses on a particular area and offers you all you need to pursue your goals.
  • Coaching

    education through coaching This is a comparably new form of training. A personal coach does not become your teacher or mentor.

    Instead, this person helps you focus on your problems, realize them, find roots, find solutions and move on with your life. Coaching proves to be one of the most efficient forms of trainings in regards to the results it delivers. 

    It may not be yet the most prominent form of education in Nigeria, but it can be very effective and it helps people to attain the best results in their lives.It is a very effective tool to use in personal development and growth. 

So, what is education and its purposes? It is enable and empower you to analyze your life, to find your calling, to set your goals and to equip you with the tools to attain them. Education makes you valuable and prepared to deal with life. 

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