What is learning characteristics – 5 top for Nigerians

Education opens up the door to better and happier life. Learning is the goal of it. Find out what are the best characteristics of this process.

Learning is a process, which continues throughout our life. It starts from the kindergarten, and then goes on at school and university. However, even education of adults is very important. Nevertheless, if you want to make progress in it, you need to understand what is learning characteristics.
What is learning characteristics – 5 top for Nigerians

Characteristics of learning

So, what is learning characteristics? According to the Webster dictionary, the term learning means gaining knowledge or skill by study, instruction, or experience. Thus, its characteristics are features that can help you in this process. Learning has several key features, which include:

  • it has to change behavior, learning characteristics for Nigerians

  • change should be permanent and be the result of personal experience,

  • it’s an internal process,

  • it occurs under conditions of directed attention and deliberate effort.

Let’s now observe the characteristics of adult learning, which influence your ability to learn:

  1. CurWhat is learning characteristics for Nigeriansiosity. In order to have motivation in learning, you should be interested in a subject or a field of knowledge you have chosen. You should like discovering new things.

  2. Hard working. It isn’t always fun. To know something you need to make efforts. Lots of repetitions, classroom lessons, and other boring things might be necessary. So, be patient.

  3. Self-education. It is the most important part of adult learning theory. You should always find out new things by your own. Make your research, read articles and books, study various resources on the topic, and so on.

  4. What is learning characteristics 2Remember that failure is a part of learning. You can get motivation from it. Try not to get depressed if you cannot understand or learn something from the first time.

  5. Diligence. The best knowledge comes after hard working and effort. Don’t give up and keep studying. You’ll finally reach your goal.

It’s what adult education is. Develop these qualities in yourself and you’ll successfully study the course.
Methods of teaching adult learners

When we are talking about adult education, their features must be taken into account when you select particular teaching methods. The most useful ones include the following:

  • learning characteristics Lecture. Grown-ups can get necessary information by listening to it. However, it should be interesting and contain colorful examples (if it’s possible).

  • Reading. Cognitive learning is very helpful for adults. They need to get information by their own. Then, you can discuss several questions on the basis of it.

  • Demonstration. It will be just wonderful if lectures are full of pictures, diagrams, and other supporting materials. The understanding will be better in this case. Besides, it’s even advisable to provide learners with presentations.

  • Note-taking. It will help to remember information better. However, avoid writing all the time. It might be boring and lead to the distraction and lack of attention.

  • Discussion. There must be a structure for it, everything should be logical. Let your learners share their opinions and theories.

  • Brain-storming. learning characteristics – 5 top for Nigerians When thinking about any situation and it’s necessary to find a decision, this method is very useful. They think and share at the same time. Besides, it happens very quickly.

  • Role-play. This method might be used in certain courses, but it’s quite effective. Let them make up a situation and feel involved.

  • Games. Their choice depends on the program type. However, it’s useful, funny, and interesting.

  • Reports and individual work. It’s not only a nice opportunity to know new things, but also a way to express yourself. Give your pupils a chance.

  • Group work. It allows observing the situation from different sides and sharing opinions.

Characteristics of good teaching

As we’ve said to give good knowledge, it’s necessary to take special qualities of adults into account. Good teachers will always follow the tips:

  1. What is learning characteristics 1Let the learners understand the importance of the subject and its relevance.

  2. Give an opportunity for experience. Best knowledge might be received only by experience and self-education.

  3. Be encouraging. It isn’t obligatory to be always strict. Try to stay positive, letting them know learning isn’t a torment. Create friendly atmosphere.

  4. What is learning characteristics 2Let them learn in their own way. Grown-ups know their strengths and weaknesses. That’s why they can decide how to learn better.

  5. Respect the learners. They are individuals as we all are. That’s why it’s very important to be patient with them and accept their choice and opinion.

Learning is something that everyone needs. However, its methods and techniques differ. They depend on the age of pupils and their characteristics. A good teacher will always consider these things before starting to give lessons. They use various ways and create special atmosphere in order to make learners feel good in the class.

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My grandfather once told You live and learn. Indeed person for life is constantly exploring something new and new. It is important in learning to achieve good results. And in my experience, teachers should be interested to learn something and to convey information accessible and understandable. I fully agrees with the author that in order to have the desire to want to learn and be interested to what you are learning, then it will be a success. Also to be usydlyvist to learn something yourself. But fun and interesting to learn something about a group of people because you can have discussions on the subject being studied. In each group shared their knowledge and experience. Tips in Article important and good.

Answered 2 years ago.

As I am a teacher I have found in this article a lot of useful information for me to improve my working skills. I agree that the process of study has to be divided into many different types of work. Sometimes it is a good way to remember some material or to learn something is to play a game. Teachers have to make children to be interested in their subject, make them to be willing to study something by themselves. Different types of providing new material, which are described in this article may help teachers to pay attention of the pupils at the necessary subject.

Answered 2 years ago.
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