What is pidgin english?

Do you speak pidgin or proper English?

Can you speak pidgin English? Which tribes speak it the most? What is the origin of pidgin english in Nigeria? 

What is pidgin english?

Do you think it is OK to speak Pidgin English? Do you understand people when they use such a language in NIgeria? 

Share your ideas and thoughts here. 


I like the English language very much.But there is one and big trouble while learning the foreign language at school or at the University thay we may never understand and speak the Language which is used for unofficial communication. It is very pitty that such particular tupe of the Language with all the dialects and slengs may be taught only while communicate with the native speakers and in their native country. But for most people it is a big problem that they have no money for such trips. It is rather dissapointing.

Answered 2 years ago.
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