What Universities offer scholarships for Nigerian students?

Nigerian education, in particular, Obafemi Awolowo University - do you want to find out more about it? And what about the best ever scholarships? Read the article to get acquainted with the most impressive grants.

Nigerian Students

In general, it is worth saying that Nigeria has a wide range of universities that can give you qualitative education without wasting your time and money. This is true due to the vast range of grants and scholarships given to its students.

One of the most major representatives in this field is Obafemi Awolowo University. Let’s get to know a little bit more about its history and designation.

When and how it was founded?

Happy Students

The university opened its doors to those, who want to learn, in 1962. So long ago, isn’t it? In the beginning it had another name - University of Ife. Later it was renamed in honour of Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo. You may not know that he was an outstanding politician, statesman and lawyer.

Territory and its parts

The Library

The area, which it occupies, is rather enormous - 11,861 hectares. The OAU is located in Ile-Ife, Osun State, it is in the southwest part of Nigeria.

As for its major constituents – these are:

  • central campus – has several main areas, in particular, academic, administrative buildings and service units;
  • student residential area – consists of 10 hostels – you may not worry about the dwelling, you will be given a nice room;
  • staff area;
  • Teaching and Research Farm.

In addition, it has a great library which can’t but attract you. It isn’t surprising, as it can boast its 645,553 volumes. All these books are devoted to the vast set of topics.

If you are fond of sport, you won’t be dissatisfied by its sport facilities. The OAU enables you to do sport both indoors and outdoors, for instance, football, tennis, judo, track and field events. The available swimming pool for staff can’t but gladden you.

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Ready to get scholarship

Speaking exactly about the OAU grant, it is - Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship. Such kind of scholarship gives you chance to receive € 7,000 award. However, it works if only you are a female student among applicants and graduate students.

What’s more, you have to be a full-time learner and be studying on the IT or related faculty in one of the universities of such continents as Africa, Europe, and Middle East.

List of available scholarships for Nigerian students and postgraduates:

  • The American College Of Surgeons is constantly offering grants to the international postgraduates, who are people of certain age – from 35 to 50. You must show your great dedication to the subject and be really keen on it. You need to graduate the medicine school and completed all your training in the sphere of surgery.
  • The University of Laval scholarship implies the grant of $7,000 for a year of studies. In order to be able to receive this help you have to be the student of one of the universities of Africa or Europe, apart from France. If you are an applicant you must have graduated from public educational establishment which has an accreditation.

In addition, you should be quite successful and have exceptional results in your studying, have leadership qualities and go for a full-time education.

  • The University of Sussex scholarship can only be given to the postgraduates of the School of English, Media, Films and Music and History, Art, Philosophy.

By the way, you also need to attach your plan of projects you are going to realize while studying in the University and have good command of English, to be able to cope with all the requirements properly.

Future grants

As for the scholarships provided exactly to the population of Nigeria, there is a point in mentioning The Shell Nigeria Exploration Production Company, which in collaboration with NNPC has launched a system of grants for Nigerian undergraduates.

To apply for this type of help, it is a must to be the citizen of the aforementioned country – Nigeria. Besides this, you have to be a second-year student and not be an applicant or the active member of the granting procedure of another university, public or private.

Bear in mind that the application is free of charge!

The Chevening Secretariat scholarship is a unique chance for almost everybody, who wishes to be granted. In order to meet the requirements of this type of scholarship it is obligatory to be the graduate, only from the developing countries.

You can only be funded if you have good academic results, as it will support your learning in one of the universities of the UK, where you will be able to get the Master’s degree.

There is one important thing to keep in mind – you will have to return to your native country after the end of your scholarship. You also need to have some experience in working in the related field, at least for two years.

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