When is GRE test 2016 in Nigeria?

Passing GRE offers you great opportunities in life. Learn, when to pass thyis test in Nigeria.

The Graduate Record Examination test still remains a problem for those who want to enter the University of the USA, Canada, Australia and some countries of Europe and Asia. This exam is identical both to foreigners and to native speakers, with whom it is difficult to compete. But this test opens great opportunities. Therefore it is worth learning what it is and when is it in Nigeria.

When is GRE test 2016 in Nigeria?

What is GRE?

Graduate Record Examination test is the exam, which should be passed to enter the magistracy, postgraduate study or other post-degree course in higher education institutions of the USA and some other countries. Results of this are valid for 5 years. It's a decisive factor in entering the University. In some cases, the application isn't considered, if test results aren't attached to it.

What is GRE?

GRE structure

GRE test questions

GRE test questionsAre divided into Revised General Test, estimating the general preparation, and the profile Subject Test, which proves knowledge of specific specialties and objects. The first part of GRE is aimed at check of basic knowledge of English and mathematics, at detection of abilities to analytical thinking, and also proves written skills of language. It is divided into Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing.

The second part of the exam helps to check a student in particular sphere of knowledge. People can choose one of 8 disciplines: biochemistry and molecular biology, biology, chemistry, informatics, mathematics, physics, psychology, literature. Each thematic block has its special structure.

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GRE test registration

People can register on-line in any part of the world. GRE test fee is 90 USD for each part of the test.

GRE test registration

GRE test dates

General Revised Test takes place one-two times a week and Subject Test only three times a year — in October, November and April. The next exams in Nigeria will take part in the 8th of April and in the 6th of May.

How to get the results?

GRE test scores go by e-mail in 10-15 days after passing to the candidate and to the 4 educational institutions, specified by the student during registration. Results on subject tests go by e-mail within 4-6 weeks after examination.

GRE test How to get the results

Those people, who got low indicators on General Test, but good indicators on Subject one, have the second chance: they are asked to pass TOEFL for confirmation of English level, which is much easier.

Preparing for this test is very difficult, but passing is possible. Don’t forget about the dates and have a good luck!




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