Who are the most talented African women 2016?

Africa is blessed with beauty and talent. Learn the names of the most talented daughters it has.

African women keep surprising us. This March has become a real discovery of talented and prominent females, who has conquered the world. Let’s find out the most outstanding of them right now and know those, who has made a history of 2016.

most talented African women 2016?

  1. Angélique Kidjo. This famous singer, born in Benin, has shocked us by winning another Grammy prize this year. She received an award for her Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg collaboration, Sings. It was announced to be the Best World Music Album. In fact, this is her third Grammy. However, the most striking thing is that she has won two of them for two years in a raw! What is more, she is the only female winner in this nomination (since the category has been established). Her rewarding was also quite memorable, as she actually sang her speech.
    Angélique Kidjo
  2. Tony Gum. This woman is from South Africa. And she has become the one, who represented African continent during PULSE Contemporary Art Fair, carried out in New York. Tony has created a series of self-portraits. She called her artistic work Milked In Africa. What she wanted to display is strength and willingness of the continent, which faces various troubles and hardships.
    Tony Gum.
  3. Maureen Kyalya Waluube. This outstanding personality deserves your attention without a doubt. She is going to run for Uganda presidency. The current ruler has already been in power for a long time. And he keeps winning. However, Maureen continues to try, even if it seems hard. She is very purposeful. There are six men in a current campaign. Some of them even threaten her, but she still argues and takes part in debates. Maureen touches very serious subjects in her speeches, such as ones, concerning medical assistance and lack of medicines in the hospitals.
    Maureen Kyalya Waluube.
  4. Olajumoke Orisaguna. Her story resembles the Cinderella’s one. She used to sell bread in the streets of Lagos and was not prominent at all. However, now a mother of two kids is gaining fame. Her story started, when she entered a photoshoot, which was directed by a famous photographer TY Bello. The woman took a photo and left. A bit later, Bello saw the pictures and was impressed. She began searching for that woman everywhere, including social media. Well, she finally found her. Nowadays Olajumoke works as a model, while her story has been spread on the Internet.
    Olajumoke Orisaguna.
  5. Uzo Aduba. She is American actress, born from Nigerian parents. Thus, it is one more reason for Nigerians to be proud. The star has managed to win SAG Award for the second time in the last two years. She got it in the category the Outstanding Female Actor in a Comedy Series. Uzo deserved the prize for her role in Orange Is The New Black, where she acted as Suzanne Crazy Eyes Warren. In her speech, she asked all the actors continue to work and try to get an award one day. While you are trying – you have a chance. Well, her words were quite inspiring.
    Uzo Aduba.
  6. Herieth Paul. This is another African girl, originated from Tanzania. Nowadays she is known as a Canadian model. What is interesting about her is that she has become a new brand ambassador for the famous Maybelline Company. She says that, when she has started her career, the majority of the girls were white. However, the tendency has changed by now. Herieth see more and more women from Asia, India and Africa. And she thinks it is a positive shift. Nevertheless, the model wants more females of different nationalities to have a chance.
    Herieth Paul.
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The same as every year, African women have made us wonder. They are beautiful, strong and self-confident. They serve as a wonderful example and source of inspiration for all the girls in Africa. Let’s be proud of such prominent personalities and try to do our best to achieve the same level.

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