Who is to be blamed for the decline in the standard of Education in Nigeria ?

Recently , there was a report in the Newspapers that there is a mass failure in the results of the Law School that was released. Last results released be WASSCE was also poor which was a source of concern to both parents and academicians and to everybody that knows that it is a bad sign to the future of education in Nigeria .

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Many parents and people blame the decline of educational system in Nigeria on the government. Surely, it has its share of it. Low level of investments into the education and corruption negatively impact it. However, educators (teachers and managers at all levels) as well as parents and pupils have their part to play in this whole thing. In many cases parents expect schools and the system to give them something, giving nothing in return. They do not take active part in the educational process and often time pay for the tertiary schools with low quality of teaching. People can change much, if they get active and responsible.

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