Why are South African students protesting naked?

What made the South African students go on the streets to protest? Moreover, do you know what made them go there to protest while being absolutely naked? Find out here.

Students protest

Students from South Africa are now discussed all over the world. In their attempt to overcome the injustice they face, they have decided to protest. However, not just protest. To attract more attention to their problem they have chosen to protest naked.

The female students from the University of the Witwatersrand have taken their tops off trying to persuade the police to stop shooting at them. They stated that they are fed up with being shot at, so they chanted "It's for free education. Stop shooting us‚ comrades. Cease fire‚ comrades. It's for free education‚" trying to make the police officers take their side.

This confrontation was aiming to be peaceful. The reason for massive protests all over South Africa is that the authorities have announced their decision to increase the fees for education. As a result, by the end of 2017, the student fees will grow by 8 percent.

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Student claims that this increase is absolutely unreasonable, and they won’t be able to study with the constant growth of the price for education. The announcement was made on September 19 of this year and is already in line to be put to life.

students protest South Africa

However, students did not seem to be going to agree on such terms. So they have started massive protests against the idea of student fee increase. They have canceled classes and made it impossible for tutors to keep teaching.

According to the words of activists, this is not the end. They will keep fighting for free education, as with the current prices a lot of those who would like to study and obtain degrees cannot afford to study at the University. You can follow the news of South African students to see how the government reacts to these actions. However, so far the students’ protests of 2016 do not have much effect on the government of the South Africa. Some claim that with raising awareness of the problem via mass media, such students’ protests in South Africa might be given proper attention.

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