Why is classroom management an integral part of teaching

Want to become a great teacher? Learn the part of classroom management in the educational process.

First of all we should understand that effective classroom management is not a goal, but rather is a tool a teacher uses in creating a smooth learning process and atmosphere in class. Great managing approach allows educators to help their students get the most out of schooling.
classroom management

Still, teaching profession involves many other skills that help to produce effective learning and teaching. A good tutor has to be an excellent manager. They need to know how to organize the process, how to manage resources or where to outsource them and create the best environment for developing pupils’ curiosity and strife for achievement.  Let’s take a look at how it works.

Why is classroom management an integral part of teaching?

The truth is that the teacher is the key element in the entire educational process. Nothing can be more important than a good teacher. The research shows that over eighty percent of pupils’ success in learning depends on how good their teacher is. The entire discipline and classroom management and organization revolve around the mentor. Here is what a talented teacher can do for their students:
classroom management Boost motivation

  1. Boost motivation
    There are two kinds of it: the external motivation, which means that students get stimulated to learn by external factors. And the internal one – this means they get inner motive to study and learn.
    Creating proper classroom management structure a teacher also creates a stimulating atmosphere for kids (or adults) to study in.
    It makes studies more efficient and organized.

    However, the very figure of a teacher, their disposition and personality is able to produce inner motivation in the students. A good teacher can awaken their souls and minds. They can evoke that hunger and thirst for understanding and achievements. Both types of motivation are good and vital. So, proper classroom management strategies should be implemented to stimulate them.
  2. Build a team
    Learning is a team process. It becomes more effective and fun, when kids participate in it all together and become vital contributors of it. Building up relationships between kids (and teacher) can produce amazing results. They become a group of eager learners assisting each other and motivating one another to do more and get a better result in the future.
    Plus, proper management helps to resolve any conflicts and eliminate anger and stress in class.

    classroom management an integral part
  3. Plan the progress
    Progress must be planned. Success is not an accident and a good teacher knows it. Classroom management helps to pave the path to success setting milestones on the way. Such approach gives all the participants a sense of making that progress and seeing how they move towards one goal. It turns pupils into a small society or community with common goal and desire.

    This way kids tend to provide more support to one another, as they view themselves as one team. Their success depends on the progress of each pupil, so they eagerly help and support others in class.
  4. Memory boost
    Managing classroom resources in a smart way a teacher can help students to use the best memorizing techniques. In many cases utilizing visuals can allow kids to use their associations during memorizing and learning things. Using them a teacher can drop those “bread crumbs” (like in Hansel and Gretel) to pave the path for those new concepts and ideas.
  5. Make their subject interesting
    In many cases children’s expectations are that the science is boring. However, a great educator can make it fun and lovable. Using all the tools of classroom management they can make science entertaining, engaging and interesting. There is no better stimulation for kids to learn than having fun while doing so.

Here is a quick list of 5 best tools for teachers and their classroom management:
rteachers and their classroom management:

  1. Morning activities
    You can come up with a list of such things for kids and set up a board with them in the class. This would help you to go through your morning start up routine more smoothly and easily.
  2. Classroom rewards
    Come up with a system of rewarding your pupils and make a board to demonstrate them to your class. After all there is no kid who would hate to get incentives for their efforts.
  3. Reading environment
    Try to create special atmosphere to make the children love to read. Use various visuals and other things (smells, food, music) to generate unique sense of magic, when reading.

    classroom management: 2
  4. Behavior board
    If you have access to PC and internet you may use behavior tools online, which notify parents of their kids’ behavior in class. Or, just use their diaries to communicate with parents regularly. Do not only criticize for something bad, but write and praise for good things as well.
  5. Break down your class into groups
    You can come up with several activities for one lesson, make 2-3 groups of students and rotate them. This way no one gets bored and all get active and engaged.

As you may see, classroom management is crucial for successful teaching and learning. It does not only keeps the grades up and allows pupils to pass tests well, but also makes effective learning possible. After all, learning is the goal of education. It is crucial for teachers to keep this in mind and not to shift their focus off it to the grades, progress or bonuses.

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I am a teacher and I try to give all the knowledge I have by the different means. I must admit that a great influence on the process of study has the usage of the different means of study to succeed the greatest results. But to tell you the trueth I couldnt even imagine that the classroom has also an influence on pupils. I just knew that the classroom has to be light, clean and without any different sounds. Thanks for your tips, which I hope would help me to improve my quality and ability of teaching.

Answered 2 years ago.

Of course the harmonious development of the child depends on a good classroom teacher. If the teacher manages his work good atmosphere of the children collective will be friendly and healthy.

All of the methods are described in the article effective and must be applied in the work. But I want to add that the class teacher should find an individual attention to each of child, talk with everyone, the teacher must know how the child lives, what his relationships with contemporaries and parents. Then classroom teacher should plan his work to base on this information.

Answered 2 years ago.
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