Why Jamb candidates protested and got violent in Lagos – latest Jamb news 2016

Have JAMB candidates finally gone violent? Read what happened in Lagos.

Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination 2016 (Jamb UTME) is over, but thousands of people in Nigeria are not happy with the results. Lagos State Assembly has become the place of their gathering to show protest. Find out what those students did and how peaceful gathering turned violent.

 Jamb news - Lagos protests 2016

Post Jamb news 2016 - Lagos protests

Why did JAMB exam turn out so poorly this year? For one, many students, who filed to pass UTME in Lagos were assigned to other offices, but they did not get any notifications about it. Eventually, many people arrived to the locations an hour or two later and were behind the whole group of students. They had less time to handle the same papers and tasks, as the others did.

 Jamb news 2016 - Lagos protests

Secondly, many jambites printed their scores, but later on they found out those were cut down by 40-50 points! No one really knows how that has happened and no explanation was given. Many students reported that computers and software did not function properly at the time of exam.

 Lagos protests 2016

What is more, some people obtained JAMB score even before passing the exam! What a nonsense! Later on some people received additional 40 marks, but who decided how and who is to receive them.

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What were the demands of JAMB protesters in Lagos?

Many students demanded for professor Dibu Ojerinde to resign his position as Registrar of Joint Admission Matriculation Board. Others wished for lawmakers interfere and provide their assistance and opinions on the situation.

 Jamb news - Lagos protests

How the JAMB UTME protesters’ violence break out?

Some people threw stones at the gate of Assembly. Both students and their parents attempted to enter the building, but some got arrested to stop further violence and anger outbreaks.

 Jamb news 2016

Hopefully, the administration would take heed to angry protesters and find proper solutions. People are worried for their destinies to be ruined and opportunities being limited for them in life. We wish Jambites to get the truth and attain their goals in a peaceful way.

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