Why people fail JAMB? – Latest innovations related to the exams

What are some of the key changes of passing JAMB and why you may fail it? Find out now.

What are the recent changes concerning after school examinations? Have any innovations been made to the JAMB exam? Let’s consider the latest news on the issue.

Why people fail JAMB?

JAMB actually stands for Joint Admission and Matriculation Board. Its representatives are responsible for the regulations of registration process for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination every year.

Every student has to pass JAMB examination in order to enter the university. Recently, there have been several attempts to make changes to this system.

First of all, the validity period of the exam results should be prolonged. The Senate wants JAMB to extend the validity up to three years. As they think, it will allow to reduce some expenses for the parents.

 innovations related to the exams

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As for the other changes, the decision was made by the upper chamber. They are sure thatJAMB feesneed to be reduced. The recommended amount of money is now 2500 naira (the current sum for registration in N5000, besides, there are some other obligatory payments). Nevertheless, such step has been rejected by the lawmakers, as such a cut may affect most of the universities, which do not have enough capacity to accommodate all the students even now. Thus, such move might make the situation even worse.

 Latest innovations related to the exams

However, the reports say that they have announced more institutions to be established in order to provide all the students with accommodation they need (considering that their number keeps growing every year). Another plenary has been arranged to be carried out by Senate on the 3rd of March.

 people fail JAMB

Thus, we will soon now, what decision has been finally made and what to expect on JAMB examination the following year.

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