Why people love coffee? – Scientists revealed the truth!

Why some people love coffee, while others hate it? The truth revealed by the science!

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Some people love this drinks, while others hate it. However, coffee leaves no one indifferent. So, why people love coffee or even get addicted to it?

Amazing coffee facts:

You may love the drink, but miss the essential facts that contribute to its history and culture. Tet them now!

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  • Ancient shepherds were the ones who discovered coffee plant and beans for the first time.
  • Coffee was discovered in the 9th century of our age in Ethiopia.
  • The first ones to enjoy coffee were goats! They ate the berries and got vivid and lively. People noticed that effect.
  • First cup of coffee was brewed up by a monk and he was not able to fall asleep after drinking it for the whole night.
  • Coffee is among the commodities most traded on our planet.
  • Coffee beans can be of two types: Robusta and Arabica.
  • Brazil is the country that produces the most coffee in the world.
  • They used to eat coffee beans.
  • These beans are also called the berries and are considered to be fruit.
  • In the past people tried to ban drinking coffee for 5 times.
  • Coffee can kill you if you drink 100 cups in one day.
  • Coffee has many major health benefits.

As you see, coffee has a long and rich history. No wonder people love it and drink it daily. So, why do we do it? Well, the scientists believe it’s all in the genes. They call the coffee gen PSDSS2. Some people have it, while others don’t.

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According to the research data that explains why some folks love the drink and even may get addicted to it, while others are indifferent to it or even hate it. This particular gen makes the digesting of the coffee in the body possible. So, if you do not have it, coffee does you no good and you have a dislike for it. Indeed, we are wonderfully created and learning more about our bodies is amazing!

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