Why president Buhari promised to pay compensation to every unemployed graduate?

Can you count on government support if you do not find job rigth after the graducation? Find out now.

In recent time, there have been many rumors and questions concerning the current President M. Buhari’s election campaign promises. Femi Adesina, his special adviser on Media and Publicity, tried to make the situation clear in one of exclusive interviews to the media. Let’s find out, what he's said.

Why president Buhari promised to pay compensation 2016

The issue concerns only one promise, which is said to be made by Buhari. As some people claim, the President wanted to pay N5000 to all the unemployed graduates every month. And he actually reneged on his words. As Buhari himself says, the government has no opportunity to pay such amount of money. His adviser claims that such kind of promise has never existed.

 Buhari pay compensation to every unemployed graduate

Some people just keep believing in what they want to. According to the reports, the initiative, which has been promised in reality, is called Conditional Cash Transfer. It is a payment to help the poorest people in the country. And this promise has been fulfilled by the current administration, as the programme has been added to the budget for 2016.

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 president Buhari promised to pay compensation

Nevertheless, there are still lots of critics of APC party and their leader. Mr. Femi Adesina added that instead of wasting money and just giving it to everyone, the government keep developing infrastructure, transportation, power sector, and so on. It will allow those, who cannot find jobs, finally get it after obtaining proper education. Thus, unemployment rate will get lower. People will be able to earn money and support their living. As Adesina says, those, who keep speculation on the subject of stipend paying to unemployed graduates, are just narrow-minded. They should understand, the government serves the people of the country, and their interests are on the first place.

 Buhari promised to pay compensation

Besides, it has been mentioned that the majority of Nigerians support President Buhari and his initiatives, while the number of those, who continues to express the criticism, is much smaller.

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