Why students strike at Uniport?

Why did students strike in Port Harcourt? Breaking news from Uniport.

On April 11 in the morning all classes in university of Port Harcourt were stopped. It has happened because of new fee policy, which has caused a protest wave. The management of Uniport has entered a tuition fee. In this regard, student strike was created.

Why students strike at Uniport?

Students have declared that they don't intend to pay money, and that such actions from the management are absolutely wrong.

To strengthen a protest, road block has been organized. Approximately at 4:30 in the morning, students were built to one line and stopped the movement on the transport way. They have declared what they will stay until they achieve a talk with professor. Protesters have insistently demanded to repeal the new law. At 9:40, they received the report. However, the director hasn't arrived. Protesters have stopped, but this issue most likely will continue.

 students strike at Uniport?

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This is not the first student striking in Nigeria in 2016. Just few weeks ago students protested in Lagos and even got violent. Some of them were taken to police station. The reason for such an outbreak was the JAMB CBT exam and poor results many of the students got there. Young people are the most active ones in the community. Often times they are ready to act and stand up for their rights and resort to extreme measures.

strike at Uniport?

Watch further events and you'll learn the destiny of students and university.

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