Why teachers are better than doctors – 5 characteristics of the best teacher for Nigeria

Wish to be a teacher? This profession has the power to change people’s lives. Learn why is it so potent and why teaching is better than curing.

Certain people differ in their opinion on this issue. Someone who had a doctor saving their life stands firm on the fact: doctors are better. Actually, it is not so much about figuring out who is more important. It’s not a competition. The reason we cover the subject: why teachers are better than doctors is to attract your attention and help you realize the importance of this profession.
Why teachers are better than doctors

Teachers are better than doctors – it is a popular topic for debates in Nigeria. When young people pick their profession and sphere of occupation in life, they need to make this decision consciously. They wish to do something meaningful and not only lucrative. Here are few arguments for them to consider.

Why teachers are better than doctors – 3 top arguments:

teachers better debate

  1. Becoming an influencer or a season maker
    A teacher has that power to change season in his country and in the lives of those learning from him or her. They have the power to make impact for good or for bad. If you wish to teach other people something, show them how to do it and that could change their lives forever.
  2. High aspirations
    Saving someone’s life is noble. That is what doctors do, but preventing a person from choosing the wrong path is even nobler. Yes, mostly teachers make less than doctors, but they give more and achieve more in their lives. Few of us remember great doctors, but most of us remember great teachers and Jesus Christ is one of them.
  3. Delivering value
    People do not learn from our words, they learn from our lives. Becoming a teacher is a great responsibility. You do things and they echo in your pupils’ lives and teach them the most valuable lessons ever.

So, the discussion about why teachers are better than doctors has some valid arguments to offer.

The major difference between doctors and teachers


Let’s us take a look at some arguments. One of them is hidden in the core difference between these two occupations. 

  • Educators
     5 characteristics of the best teacher for NigeriaThis is a very special path. It’s not so much about teaching math or grammar. It’s about crafting human souls. Teachers are miracle workers, or at least they have the chance to be. Trainers step into someone’s life when it just starts. Unlike the doctors, who treat the consequences, they have the chance to lay the foundation of life.

    They aren’t there to correct the mistakes, but to impart the truth and help kids avoid slip-ups. If you catch a child young enough and train it the proper way about their health, they may not need doctors’ assistance for a long while.

    It’s so much easier and more rewarding to lay the correct foundation instead of having to repair the things gone wrong. Teaching from their hearts and giving the best they have, educators possess the power to eliminate future disasters in their pupils’ lives. They uproot a little and plan much hoping for those seeds to bring about the desired fruit. Yes, it may sound like some poetry, but in reality it is hard work, patience, some frustration and unwillingness to give up no matter what.

    They make huge investment into their community, often times unseen and unappreciated by its members. They go unrewarded, but true ones keep on pursuing the career (or rather I should say the calling) of their choice.
  • Healers
    Now, doctor is a nobl the best teacher for Nigeriae profession. They save lives. However, in many cases they try to correct the mistakes of the past. Let us say a child had no proper education on healthy diet. They consume too much sugar and refined foods. Eventually in USA many kids of 10-12 years of age end up developing diabetes.

    Is this a medical or educational problem? Hard to tell, ha? It ends up being the medical one, but it starts with family and child’s education. The main thought here is that educators indeed have the ability to prevent many problems treated by doctors.

    Such as treating addiction. Initially it is not a medical issue, but rather is a social one. The community is shaped by parents and teachers. There is no doubt that treating addiction is much more expensive than preventing it. However, most parents do not believe this thing would happen to THEIR child. So, they do not pay due attention to the problem and do not honor teachers enough to help them do their job.

    Why teachers are better than doctors – 5 characteristics Doctors treat some unrelated to education conditions as well. However, most diseases are the outcomes of poor habits in life. Unfortunately there is no magic pill for addiction, obesity or other lifestyle conditions. Still, you CAN amend it through teaching, so the physicians would not have so much work to do.

To be a teacher is better than a doctor – is this statement true? It really depends on how you view things in life. If you like to prevent and help people pick the right path, than yes. But if your calling is to save the lost and hurting, than being a doctor is the best thing that could happen to you.

Let us take a glance at 5 top characteristics that make a good teacher

  1. Deep engagement
     teachers are better than doctorsThat is true both about the teacher and the kids. How could possibly a trainer with low level of interest in what they are doing boost engagement in kids? The answer is obvious: they can’t. So, they need to love their kids and love teaching (and subject) to make them involved and passionate about it.
    Especially working with younger children a teacher needs to spot boredom and lack of interest. You see, everybody’s achievement is driven by interest. No interest, no result. That is what good teacher can do: make the students passionate about the studies and the process.
  2. Dynamic environment
    The stats show that “traditional” school environment is not the best for education. Kids are active and fun loving. If a teacher can create that type of atmosphere in class, kids start cooperating and learning stuff.
  3. Inspiration
     5 characteristics of the best teacherIt is not so much about the degree or college. The research has shown that teachers with degrees do not make any significant impact on the quality of education they provide. Isn’t it amazing? What does make a difference is inspiration.
    Most kids simply do not believe they can study well or master the subject. They have been made to believe they are complete failures and are good for nothing.
    A great teacher is the one that can boost their self-esteem and inspire them to use their full potential. 
  4. Enthusiasm
    A great teacher can make their students fall in love with the subject. Scientists believe that nothing can beat the role of teacher in the education process. No money, no books, no computers or technologies can do that.
    This enthusiasm is imparted directly from the heart of a teacher to their pupils. It’s contagious and the lack of it is disastrous. 
  5. Being a student  characteristics of the best teacher for Nigeria
    A good teacher never stops being  a student. How can you teach someone if you are not teachable? Passion for learn and ongoing education is a must. That is how they keep it up in their pupils and make them follow their footprints.

So, now you may begin to see why teachers are better than doctors. Teachers actually make doctors and all other professions. They provide the basic education in schools and evoke that passion for further discoveries to be made.

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Teachers can do wonders in kids' lives. They are among the makte it or break it personalities!

Answered 2 years ago.

Although I am a teacher, l must say and recognize that all the professions are very and very important. There is no any profession in the world which is not important and useful. To be a tacher is important - he gives us his knowledge, skills, his love, he teaches us how to live. But from the other hand- when the teacher gets sick, who helps him? Of course a doctor! So there is a big connection between all the professions. if there was not some profession, I think that we cold not live in such a cooperative community.

Answered 2 years ago.

As the saying goes: "All professions are important, all professions are necessary." Indeed, as people have been trained, if not a teacher? In each work in its fine. The main thing is to be a good person at heart, do good deeds, to love their work, whatever it was. But I for example, could not be a teacher, even a teacher in a kindergarten could not be))) I'm more creative profession where you can unleash your potential. Well, to each his own. I am glad that there really are people who are given their work completely.

Answered 2 years ago.

All professions are good, others depend on the person whether he wants to do good things in his life. Of course, teachers have big influence on their pupils, sometimes teachers lay the foundation of pupil's life. Some parents sometimes cannot spend enough time on their children and help of teacher in this situation is very important, he can educate, train their pupils at school. Teacher can help to understand their pupils what is good and what is bad. Unfortunately everyone cannot be a good teacher. Good teacher is a person who loves children and wants to spend time with pupils; teacher is a state of soul.

Answered 2 years ago.

If there are no teachers, than who will teach doctors their profession? I'm a teacher and I've got a daughter... So. Can I treat my child without doctors? No!! Ofcause if it is not about running nose... Several hundreds uears ago this two professions were respectable. Everyone new his doctor and a teacher was a person who was always welcome at any home. What has happened now? These two professions are low-payed. Does it still surprise you that people work as teachers at school for just two years?

Answered 2 years ago.

I can agree that teachers are truly better than doctors. One may even say that they all are great people. Teachers influence your personality they inspire us and they make a great impact on our live. I always wanted to be a teacher because this profession is honorable and honest. Children are nice and they listen to you, they look up to you. And on some level you are responsible for them. They will remember you forever children will come to you in several years after they will graduate and they will thank you for everything you have done for them

Answered 2 years ago.

Given the time that teachers and doctors is the result of the teachers it so I think that to be a teacher on the order of responsible and useful .

Also, I can not disagree with the fact that the importance of the medical profession because apart from these two professions there are many other professions that are not unimportant are also important , and many of them are also aimed at maintaining the health of people and their safety.

But the profession anyway depend on the fruitful work of the teacher

Answered 2 years ago.

I do not think that it is better to be a teacher then a doctor. Each profession is good and useful.

It depends only from the personal capacities and talents in what field the man or women can achieve the highest and the best results, in what field they can and want to realize themselves.

A teacher really has the power to change people’s lives but a doctor has knowledges to save people’s lives.

A good teacher as well as a good doctor never stops being a student. That is both thees professions demands from the person to be always in the main stream of contemporary issues.

Answered 2 years ago.
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