Why was JAMB's Point System Option criticized?

What did stakeholders say about JAMB on the latest educational conference? Why did they say that this system is in disorder? Read the article to learn the latest news about exams.


On the latest conference regarding educational systems, stakeholders criticized JAMB and the minister of education, who directed this process. They recognized the system summarizing points for entering a university. According to them, the Malam Adamu system was a big disorder. During a meeting with universities and administrators of other institutions in Abuja on Monday, JAMB has taken PSO (Point System Option) for the admission to tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Acceptance was the additional amendment to cancellation of Post-UTME by the Minister of education on June 2.

At negotiations with Vanguard, the chairman of UNILAG-ASUU, Doctor Ledzha Odukoya, declared that the Minister of education has aggravated disorder, which he has created with the actions and policy. He said: 'The minister just deepens a disorder, which he has created, based on unreasoned policy and lack of bravery to do what is correct'. He has told that the score system of assessment was used at university of Ibadan, but has been cancelled at introduction of post-UTME, having added that the last strategic course has specified that JAMB shouldn't have been applied at enrollment of students.

Point System Option

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Odukoya has told: 'With the new arrangement candidates of miracle centers who have bought their glasses in WASCE, NECO and UTME promote on honest and diligent students'. From the side of director of the remote training center at university of Ibadan professor has declared: 'JAMB and the Ministry of Public Education, apparently, don't understand what they precisely want for education concerning candidates who are looking for the admission'. According to him, within a month JAMB has imposed two politicians of reception concerning the country. 'A few weeks ago, JAMB through the minister of education has decided that money wasn't raised by universities for implementation of preliminary testing, while the last information demonstrates that universities will raise charge for display at the end of process of admission. It is an absolute disorder'.

jamb 2016

PSO is process by means of which the total of points of the candidate is received from the level 'O' and points of JAMB are combined. It means that each grade has equivalent point: A=6, marks B=4 and C=3. The system assumes that than better a grade of candidate 'O', than the bigger his opportunity in obtaining the admission to examination. Approximately UTME possesses the same system: candidates with account 180 of to 185 receive 20 points, 186 – 190 receive 21, 200 – 250 get 24-33, while those who have received 300 – 400 points, get 44 – 60 points in PSO.




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