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Do Nigerian Senators Care About Those They Represent?

Do you think our senators are concerned about Nigerians that they represent?

Senators are supposed to represent Nigerians at a national forum called a senate, where national issues that bother on the welfare and sustenance of the common man are discussed. In foreign countries, senators are men held in esteem because they give a selfless duty in seeing that their fellow country men get the best from their nation.

In Nigeria, our senators have no mission than in the senate other than to make money. They are disillusioned and more or less perverted.

I have tried to analyse the reasons why this is so and have come to these conclusions: most of them were never really elected by the electorate. They got their senatorial seats by rigging and through the help of 'loan sharks'- the 'god fathers' - therefore they see the senate as a means of recouping an investment.

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