How to hack security camera systems?

Do you desire to become a spy? Can you really hack security camera systems? Read the article to find out!

CCTV cameras

It seems to be only the product of movies and video games, that you can easily hack security cameras. Nevertheless, it`s not some kind of trick you can see only in movies or PC games. The real world is also filled with gadgets that can be easily hacked, even if you do not know any hacker tricks. Of course, you can try to learn a trick or two from hacker forums. Nevertheless, if you do not desire to waste your time on hacker forums, then you have an opportunity to hack CCTV cameras. It`s quite easy and you can do it without living your own house. Just read carefully the article.

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CCTV cameras can be a super weapon in protecting property from criminals. Nevertheless, with years past, the cameras become a super weapon for criminals. Without proper protection of cameras, criminals can use them for infiltration into the sites of crimes. Moreover, sometimes they don`t need to be super hackers. They may just read few articles on hacker forums and try to manipulate with cameras by using simple vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are default user names and passwords for CCTV cameras. Therefore, you can easily access everything connected to CCTV with these vulnerabilities.

CCTV with these vulnerabilities

CCTV cameras provide a nice evidence for crimes. Nevertheless, they can be a nice tool for crimes. Therefore, if you desire to know what is security nightmare, then try to not change default password and user name on your CCTV. Recently, an anonymous hacker provided one million vulnerable CCTV cameras with DDoS attacks. Therefore, according to the ideas of the DDoS attacks, most CCTV cameras are vulnerable due to not desire of changing default names and passwords on the security cameras. This laziness provides a secure route for hackers to hack CCTV cameras with a single hit.

You can even try to watch CCTV cameras through the Internet. It`s well understood, that no matter where you go, you can meet security cameras everywhere. Many cameras are routed to the internet, so their owners can easily watch what happens in there. Therefore, if you desire to hack one of the cameras connected to the internet, you would need three things: a desire, the Internet Connection and PC or Laptop. First of all, try to follow google search. Then you would need to enter this command: inurl:"viewerframe?mode=refresh" to connect network camera. The you would need to press “Search”, after that you are free to visit any website from the list presented by google. When you download a page you will see a camera controls on the left side of the screen. You can rotate camera, you can zoom and even record video if you like.

watch CCTV

Therefore, in the age of new technologies CCTV cameras might be your best helper in everything connected to the security. Nevertheless, it can also be the best infiltration tool for criminals. Moreover, some CCTV cameras you can use just for fun as they are easy connected to the Internet and can be found through the google search. Do not miss the opportunity to spy. It can be a great experience and also leisure time.

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