What is mophie?

People are suffering from their low battery life. What can change it? Mophie knows! Their ideas will impress you! You’ll find all the newest items you’ll certainly need in this article.

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Mophie is a huge Californian technology company that produces accessories for mobile devices and smartphones. The company's popular products are different portable charging accessories, especially phone cases with a battery contained within.

Mophie is very popular, its offices are situated in the different countries. In 2013 mophie was rated in the Top 100 Consumer Products & Services Companies of the world. The same year mophie earned about $215.4 million.


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In 2006 Shawn Dougherty and Daniel Huang founded mStation Audio. It was in California. Then the company moved to Kalamazoo, MI. They made their headquarters in a huge pole barn by Dougherty's old home. In 2007 mStation Audio bought the company mophie, which was Vermont-based that time. They released their first Mophie Juice Pack goods for iPhone devices. Since then the company with the name ‘mophie’ began earning $1.9 million.

Since January 2014, mophie began cooperation with famous Swarovski Elements. They wanted to make a stylish, new, fashion-oriented design of Juice Pack Air. This product was the first of some collaborations mophie had in fashion industry. Also mophie worked together with Valentino SpA in 2014. And in 2015 with giant Uber. They decided to work together for delivering power reserves to people who needed them in North Scottsdale, Downtown Phoenix and Old Town Scottsdale (Arizona). Uber customers got a possibility to request power reserves using the Uber app and it would then be delivered with the use of Uber drivers.

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In 2015 mophie began the famous mophie Rescue initiative in Texas (at South by Southwest in Austin). The company encouraged its attendants to tweet using their hashtag #mophieRescue. Also they had to add a screenshot of their smartphone with low battery life. Then mophie company tweeted back at the winners with a direct link to an interesting interactive map, which tracked some movements. It was a group of Saint Bernards as they were running around the festival. When the winner found the dog, he opened a barrel, which was attached to the animal’s neck. There was the power reserve device and a winner could recharge his phone.

Also mophie partnered with Zagg and the charity (RED). With the last one they create a Juice Pack Air case for mophie iphone 6. The biggest news was that mophie managed to launch its first charging pack, which was totally wireless. It happened in February 2016. In March 2016 mophie decided to re-introduce the mophie Rescue Company at South by Southwest. But now the dogs were situated in the passenger car of small Indian motorcycles. So the dogs could cover more territory and reach more users.

Product line

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What is mophie's main product line?  Of course, it’s Juice Pack. They are smartphone battery cases. These devices consist of the two-part cases, with one, which contains a connection to the device's charging connector and another secondary battery, a micro USB port for charging your secondary battery.

After 2016 there appeared Juice Pack, that was wireless. Also there is a Space Pack. It is a variation of Juice one and also contains a secondary data storage, but it’s accessible using the Space app. However, apps can’t be stored to the secondary storage. The Juice Pack was the first battery case, which was officially certified by Apple Company.

Plenty of the devices as, for example, standalone units are produced under the brands Powerstation or Spacestation. That’s why the users are sometimes confused and call it mophie powerstation.

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In November 2015 mophie presented a new line of different universal batteries, which could charge all multiple devices simultaneously. They used the name of Powerstation brand.

In March 2016 the fashion leader Baraboux joint mophie in the creation of a woman's clutch that could also charge any phone. These clutches were presented during Fashion Week. They received praise from a lot of fashion icons.

The company managed to create a crazy jacket with a huge battery in the pocket! Unbelievable! It can charge the user's phone extremely fast.

mophie jacket

Mophie is the leader in ‘battery industry’. People have no time to charge the phones. So it’s very useful to have a battery in your clutch or pocket. Mophie says they are a company of the future. There is no doubt, they are.


Hi all friends reading ts article! Interesting information about new technology! Generally I like to read all kinds of positions that are dedicated to the subject of science in innovation and technology! After all, if science is in place then there will be no new world! And as our planet science is not static, but rather of developing a breakneck pace, and appear invent new mega cool that we use for easy !!!! So, many thanks to scientists around the world for their hard work !!! It's hard work as a mental sense and practical !!!

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